Happenings Around Here

Keeping it simple today……enjoy!

Dec 13 Sherwoods

Lovely little ones….

girls and friends dec 2013

A little wine, hot chocolate and games (not all at the same time)

wine, hot choc and games

Are you all ready for Christmas? 

What’s your favourite Christmas/holiday tradition?

Any crazy snow/rain storms happening where you live? Or is it sunny and hot, wait I don’t want to know about that ;)

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9 thoughts on “Happenings Around Here

    • Awww, thanks!

      I’m not feeling ready this year…I still have my Christmas cards to mail…big fail on that one! AND, I haven’t really bought anything big/good for my husband…that’s tomorrow’s task provided the roads are find after our little freezing rain storm today.

  1. I think I am pretty much ready. I need to wrap a couple more presents and pack to go to my in-laws tomorrow but it’s under control. It is rainstorming big time in London today. I am actually refusing to leave the house. I am hoping it’s going to be better by tomorrow or it’s going to be an arduous journey.

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