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Anna Profile GravitarHi, my name is Anna and my nick name to some is Piper.  A few years back I used to be called Sandpiper when I taught earth education programs. Most staff members would shorten it to Piper and it stuck.  I like to run but this blog is not strictly about running. It’s about the balance of life; two children, working, running and attempting vegan cooking for my husband.

I grew up in Nova Scotia and was a fairly active kid. I played competitive soccer, downhill skied on our local mountians … okay hills, and biked to my friends house’s to play.

I’ve worked in the outdoor recreation and earth education fields for 10 years+ in Nova Scotia and Ontario. It was in Ontario that I met my husband (Sai) while working at an Outdoor Centre called YMCA Wanakita. You can read about how we met here. We have been married for 5 years + and have two daughters; Lillian and Hilary. You can read more about my pregnancy #2 here.

Piper’s Run is about me being a new(ish) mom, a wife to a vegan, a physical activity practitioner, how I fit in workouts, running, “me time”, cloth diapering and many more challenges life moments.

That’s a little about me…now go get active.

Cheers, Anna :) a.k.a Piper

To contact me, email pipersrunblog@gmail.com

16 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. I love meeting fellow Atlantic Canadians in the blogosphere :) I lived in Halifax for a few years while going to school and I loved it! I’m enjoying Fredericton now but I sure do miss NS!

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