February Runfessions

Happy Friday!!!!

It’s been extremely warm the last few days here in Nova Scotia and I’m dying to get outside of a run in this warm weather but it just hasn’t happened. Plus, I’m not done with winter yet as I’m loving being out in the snow but I’m going to try and enjoy these warm temps.


One: I runfess that I haven’t run very much at all this month. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even hit 15 km FOR THE WHOLE MONTH! It’s kinda nuts but I’m not bothered by the fact that I’ve barely laced up my running shoes. Who am I? However, I did have a great run in the snow last week! And by great, it means I ran in the snow trying to fight off a nasty head and chest cold and managed 4k.


Two: I runfess that I’m loving having an indoor trainer which my husband randomly bought for me one day. I mentioned before that you won’t see me taking on triathlons but you bet I’ll be using this to my advantage to do some cross training!


Three: I runfess that I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks! I wanted to post my weekly recap on Monday but it  was a holiday here (Heritage Day) but just didn’t get around to it. My family went bowling with my soccer team which was a lot of fun but I didn’t take any pictures. This was last week’s workouts:

  • Monday: Blizzard.
  • Tuesday: Blizzard. Snow blowing driveways and shoveling was my only activity.
  • Wednesday: Too sick with a head/chest cold to function.
  • Thursday: Nothing. See above.
  • Friday: 4 k Run outside.
  • Saturday: 9 am soccer game. 2-1 win and I scored a goal!
  • Sunday: Half day of skiing.

Four: You know how I mentioned I haven’t run much this month? Well, I  runfess that I haven’t signed up for ANY spring races! My interest level is just low and I can’t commit to a race. What’s wrong with me?!?!

Five: I runfess that bedtimes with kids is overrated.  I’m done with tantrums from the littlest. On the flip side, when your oldest quietly sneaks down to the basement just after bedtime to tell you her “somewhat loose tooth is now really loose”…you just smile and wiggle her tooth a little more and tell her she is awesome for coming to tell you. Tooth fairy will be arriving soon!


Any weekend plans?

Parents: love or dislike bedtime?

Runners: anyone else not signed up yet for a spring race?

Runfessions is hosted by Marcia on the last Friday of each month! If you missed my January Runfessions, check it out here. 

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Have a great weekend!

Snowy Weekly Wrap Up

Snow, snow and more snow! Winter has finally arrived in Nova Scotia! We had a big storm last Friday (30cm), today we’re getting 30-60cm at the moment an other 10-15 on Thursday!

Though I don’t love being stuck in the house, I’m sure looking forward to snowshoeing and skiing! Last week’s workouts were all over the place with not a lot of running – so far, I’m okay with that. I’ve yet to sign up for a spring race so I’m not following a training plan at the moment. I’m struggling at which one to register because every since race I want to run my husband has to work those weekends – bad timing, eh! Oh well, I’ll find one and figure it out.

Workouts February 6th – 12th:

Monday: Rest Day. I was planning to go to Barre but bailed 10 minutes before the class as I was honestly, just exhausted. I needed a rest day.

Tuesday: 40 minutes on my new trainer! Woohoo! I came home from work to find my bike attached to a new trainer that my husband bought me! Now I can cycle indoors…hello cross training. And no, triathlons are not in my near future…I’ve gotta get over my open water fear first before I even consider it. That or be allowed to use a life jacket – HA ha, yeah right!

New trainer needs a name….


Wednesday: 5k Treadmill Run & PT exercises.


Thursday: Rest Day

Friday:  SNOW STORM!!!!!!! No running, no cycling but a wee bit of snow shoveling! We got around 30 cm of snow.

Saturday: Soccer Game. I had a 9 AM game so the whole family came to watch however, I was just coming down with our latest head cold. It was a rough game as I just didn’t have a lot of energy. We lost.


We stayed after the game as there is open play for families. We ran, played soccer, hula hooped and hung out with some other families. I did some foam rolling once we got home and relaxed in my Tiux Socks.

Speaking of Tiux socks, if you want to check them out at Tiux socks, use this coupon code: ANNASTIUX for 20% off! Free shipping in Canada and US!

Sunday: An hour of snowshoeing with the girls. Even though we were all feeling under the weather, I took the girls out for about an hour of stop-and-start snowshoeing. You know…“Mom, I’m tired and we stop for a minute”….sure! After the first few times, I kinda gave up and just went with it. We stopped to have a snack and some hot chocolate which ended up being the highlight of the little snowshoe adventure.


How was your week / weekend?

Anyone else under a snow storm right now?

What’s your favourite thing do to when stuck in your house?

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Sunshine & Blue Skies Weekly Wrap Up

Oh Monday we meet again!

It was a beautiful weekend outside in Nova Scotia and we had a chance to play outside! Though I didn’t get any outdoor running in, I’m confident I increase the freckle count on my face Saturday. This is what my week of workouts looked like last week and on the weekend.

January 30th – February 5th

Monday: Barre class – HELLO muscles I’ve neglected. It was great to get back to this class but I sure noticed my muscles on Tuesday!


Tuesday: Yoga class – oh, yoga felt so good on  my sore muscles. I managed bird of paradise on one side really well, held the crow pose longer then before and even worked on my forearm/hand stands.


Wednesday: I took 20 minutes during my lunch to go skating.

Thursday: Soccer Game. We only had 1 sub so we all switched around positions. I ended up playing forward more then defense and was running all over the place. My legs felt like they had done fartleks and lots of  sprints.


Friday: REST DAY!!!! Glorious rest day. I’m not really following a schedule like I do with a training plan but Friday’s always seem to be a rest day for me. Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the week and I just want to relax or the fact that this week, I just didn’t stop.

Saturday: Skating. The girls and I took a trip to the city {Halifax} and went skating at the Oval in the afternoon. This has been something I wanted to do last winter but just didn’t have the time. We probably chose one of the coldest and windiest days so far this winter but the blue skies and sunshine made up for it.


Sunday: Ran 7k on the treadmill. It was a run that I was kinda unsure I want to do as I had to test out my ankle with the increase in distance. As I approached 5k, I thought I’d just stop and call it a day however when I looked at the distance again (I keep it hidden), it was over 5k so I kept running. Once I got to 6k, I figured I just needed to suck it up and go for the full 7k I originally planned. It was a great run and I had no issues with my ankle. Fingers crossed I’m on the right path with that now!


Oh, see the bruises on the inside of my thigh – yeah those are from my soccer game. I got blasted with the ball and it hurt but I didn’t think it would give me a handful or more of bruises. Ouch!

Lost & Found!

Remember last week when I said I lost one of my Tiux Compression socks? Well, we found it but not in the washer! It was IN the pocket of my husbands work pants…IN THE POCKET! I looked in all the pant legs but never thought to check out the pockets! Speaking of Tiux…I recently became a Tiux ambassador! You’ll be seeing them around the blog and stay tune for a discount code!

To catch up, last week’s workouts are here

How was your weekend / week of workouts?

Anyone find a sock in their pocket before?

Was it sunshine and blue skies for you this weekend?

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January Mileage and February Goals

So, where did January go? It’s been such a busy month, I honestly can’t believe it’s February!

Last year, each month I shared my running mileage but also included other activities as well. Though I love running, I like to do like: play soccer, go skiing, cycling, yoga, barre, snowshoeing (when we have snow). I figured I’d do it again this year.

January Mileage


Mini Goals

I set some little goals for the month of January but didn’t get around to sharing them on here. They were to run 75km, strength train 2 x week, yoga 1-2 x a week. Though I was far from running 75km, I’m okay with it as I was on the right track and then had to step back a bit to sort out my ankle.

Strength training – well, I’ve been doing all my PT exercises but didn’t really getting into strength training until the end of the month. This week alone, I’ve gone to barre and yoga. I’ve tried three times to go to my weekly yoga class but my work schedule was too busy on those days so I couldn’t attend. Yes, I can do yoga at home and I’m planning to but I love my weekly Tuesday yoga classes.

Yearly Goals

Mid January I shared a few goals that I want to achieve this year. I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t even looked at that list since I hit publish, ha! So, yeah…I just looked at it. Hey -I’m just being honest! We’ve done some deep cleaning around our house and started to declutter (feels so good). I’m running, challenged myself at yoga with a headstand yesterday, was journaling daily – though I’ve slacked on that for the last week or more. Okay maybe two weeks. I’ve been working hard at getting my ankle stronger = avoiding injuries. Alright, I’ve got 11 more months to work on these “goals”.

So what now? What’s up for February? Well, here are a few things I’m working towards:

  • Run 50 km (total)
  • Weekly Yoga or Barre class
  • Take advantage of the snow (when it comes): cross country ski, downhill skiing, snowshoe, skate and just play outside with my kids.

That’s it. I’m keeping it simple. Maybe “simple” is going to be my word for the year. Who knows but for now, I’m keeping things simple.

How was your January? 

Any goals for February that you are working on?

What’s one thing you wish you did in January that you didn’t get to do?



Apples & Onions ~ Weekly Wrap Up


Happy Monday!

Honestly, I’ve tried to start this blog post a number of times I can’t come up with a good first line other then Happy Monday….though it just doesn’t seem so “happy” out there, ya know! Quebec, US, Russia…oh man, so many things going on. I’m gonna try to stay positive folks…hang on.

Last weeks workouts were all over the place. I often wonder people following my Instagram, if they think I just can’t settle on one activity since I’ve been doing so many different things lately. I guess that’s the bonus of winter time and all the adventures we try to take advantage of. However, WE NEED MORE SNOW! Seriously winter, snow please.


January 22nd – January 29th’s Workouts.

  • Sunday: 8 am Soccer Game (way too early!)
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Treadmill Run: 5k
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Physiotherapy Appointment & Soccer Game
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Nothing.
  • Sunday: Skating with the family 30-40 minutes.

This past weekend we had very little planned and it was great. We hit up our local farmers market, relaxed, missed gymnastics due to the instructor being ill and went skating instead. Skating was short as it was way too warm and the ice was melting. A quick 30 – 40 minute skate session with the girls and lots of wet snow pants 🙂


That’s a puddle under my feet above….yup, they fell in it! But we all left smiling 🙂


I’ve barely run all week! Just one treadmill run in the middle of the week which was great. I’ve been given the go-ahead to increase my mileage and test out 7k! You’d think that knowing this last Thursday would push me out the door on the weekend but it didn’t. Sometimes you just have to rest and relax more then you need to run, workout or write a blog post.

Apples and Onions

Back in the day when I worked with youth at an over night camp, we would always ask our campers “what’s your apple / onion of the day”. It was a way to share something that went well or they liked (apple) and something that they didn’t like or didn’t enjoy (onion). We started doing that with our daughters a while back and it’s really funny sometimes what they come up with.

So, at bed time we ask them what their “rainbow” or “rain cloud” of the day was. It’s now become just something that we do and often Lilly, our oldest would say well before bedtime…”I know my rainbow already”.  It’s eye opening to see through their eyes things such as excitement or disappointment!

My apple: Getting to Barre class at lunch time today!

My onion: my washer eating my Tiux compression sock. Just one of them. It’s gone! Like gone-gone. Washer repair guy comes on Wednesday. How’s that for an onion?

How was your weekend?

Anyone enjoying outdoor activities?

Got an “apple” or “onion” to share?

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January Runfessions

Happy Friday Folks!

With only a few more days left of January, I thought I’d join in the fun and share with you some Runfessions from the last month, hosted by Marcia 

*Update/Runfession: When scheduling posts for first thing in the morning, make sure you use AM not PM.

Runfession: I took two weeks off running (unplanned) this month! I started off the month great; running 3-4 days a week then just kinda stopped. I stopped partly because of my next runfession but it wasn’t required of me to stop running. I did however, rest!

Runfession: I’m not loving the fact that I’m back in weekly physiotherapy for my silly ankle that just doesn’t want to heal. However, I’m thankful to have access to a great physiotherapist that’s working hard at getting my ankle stronger. Me and the BEAST have been hanging out lately.


Runfession: My goal this month was to run 75 km and I’m a little short. Well, to be honest, a lot short. I’ve managed 32 km and I’m not even upset, disappointed or bothered by the fact that I’m not going to reach my monthly goal. Life happens!

Runfession: Though I haven’t run a significant amount of kilometres this month, I’ve stayed pretty active. Between soccer games, random lunch time skating, snowshoeing in our only dump of snow (which is gone now) and skiing with the family – I runfess, I don’t regret taking some time off running.

Also, sometimes I make our lunches late at night after my soccer game. Yes, I’m still in my jersey and shorts…..priority was make lunches first, shower second.



Runfession: I’ve only signed up for one race so far this year – Maritime Race Weekend in September (5k and Half). I have a long list of races I want to do but right now, I don’t have an interest in signing up for them 😦 I’m hoping that when my ankle is 100% I’ll feel a little more motivated and register – or I might just wing it this year and sign up for races last minute. Don’t worry, I’ll at least train for them.

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Do you have any runfessions from January?

What’s one thing you loved doing this month?

Have you signed up for all the races or none?



Weekend Challenges & Wins!

It’s another “hard to believe it’s Monday” because we had such a great weekend!  Even past the numerous tantrums (5) my four year old had on Sunday, it was still a great weekend.

As a parent that wants to be active with their kids, it sometimes can be pretty stressful pulling it all off. Make it a little harder for ya: planning to take your kids somewhere without your husband because he is working. It’s life and it goes on but sometimes it can be stressful.

It took me about four days to finally decided that I wanted to take my girls skiing Saturday. The packing of gear, the stress of teaching Hilary how to ski while Lilly was off on her own, packing the car, unloading the car, making the lunch, carrying everything from the parking lot in your ski boots with two kids. It doesn’t always sound like fun to me. So, I hesitated in making the decision to go.


Luckily my Dad lives to ski…yes, lives for it and he joined us at the hill. All the packing, gear finding, stressing over if it was going to fit them this year went pretty smooth. Relief set in for me once I had everything ready to go. Friday was all about packing a lunch and snacks, making sure the car had gas and packing all their gear and mine while they slept. I didn’t tell the girls we were skiing until the morning so they were pretty excited.

The day went way better then I expected. Lilly quickly remember how to ski on her own and Hilary tried to bomb the hill though I’d slow her down and try to control her speed. I managed to take Lilly up the big hill and she did awesome while Hilary got to hang out with Grandad.


I had planned to leave at lunch but we stayed until 4pm. Time got away from us and then “just one more run, please”...said Hilary…which turned into three more runs. Though it was a lot of work and a little stressful seeing if I could pull it off – it was worth it. I also though they would fall asleep on the way home but they didn’t.

We had a blast. Big win!

Weekly Workouts

So, I guess this is going to be my new thing….weekly wrap up of workouts that I did…or didn’t do 🙂 Here we go!

January 16th – 22nd

Sunday: Soccer game

Monday: Osteopath appointment (then rest for two days)

Tuesday: Nothing. Think about all the running I want to be doing 🙂

Wednesday: Skating at lunch.

Thursday: Physiotherapy appointment. Went well, can run 2 days a week. 🙂

My husband and I went to the Banff Mountain Fill Festival in Wolfville Thursday night. All the films were great, inspiring, exhilarating, some terrifying and some made me laugh out loud.

My favourites were Ace the Desert Dog, Young Guns, and Four Mums In A Boat – oh my gawd, I laughed at those amazing women from England. Loved their film!



Friday: Nothing. (Packed for skiing, that’s kinda of a workout) 😉

Saturday: Skiing ALL DAY LONG!

I also played soccer yesterday morning at 8 AM – whoever schedules women’s 7 aside (over 30) for 8 AM games is not smart. With all that skiing, soccer and then taking the girls to their gymnastics class – I was spent Sunday afternoon. It took everything in me to get through the afternoon and evening.

You can plan so much, do so much but you also need to remember you need to sleep and rest so much to recover well.

How was your weekend?

Parents: do you find it stressful planning a day trip?

Have to seen any Banff  Mountain Film Festival movies?

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