Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 9

I’m not even sure if you could call this a training week as I’m still not supposed to run. I’ve gone from a positive attitude about it all to bummed out, to now just disappointment.

I’m trying not to worry, as I’m going to run something that weekend, be it 5k/10k or 5k/5k…I’m going to run. I have been advised to wait until my PT can assess my ankle to run again. What did my run-less week look like, keep reading.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

I honestly don’t even know what was planned as I’ve stopped looked at my training plan I created two months ago. I had to bring up my plan and see the details of each day since I forgot (not a good sign).

Monday August 22nd: Rest | 5k Run. I taped up my ankle and went for a 5k run evening run and it was great. My ankle felt full secure and sturdy and didn’t hurt at all. It was a little achy Tuesday but not painful. It felt great to run.


Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga. Yes, nailed it today! I had a pretty good yoga class but was a little limited with balance poses. I tried some poses but just felt my ankle wasn’t strong enough yet to hold it for 4-5 breaths.

Wednesday: 8k | Leisurely Swim with the family. I did some leisurely laps for about 20 minutes, racing my girls and just taking having fun with them. What I really wanted to do was run.

Thursday: Hills | Nothing. I had my last PT appointment for my back (SI joint) which is feeling so much better. However, he couldn’t fit me in for an ankle assessment and advise I didn’t run on it until he could see me. Later that evening they called and said the *might* have an opening on Friday to which I said I could make, of course. Friday came but the appointment did not. I got my hopes up too much and was so disappointed it didn’t happen.

Friday: Rest | Rest. Gosh, I’m getting good at this one.

Saturday: 18k | Swim. My last 18k was SO great and I miss that feeling. Two hours of running, it’s all I wanted to do this weekend. Instead I swam in my parents pool for 2 hours with Lilly and Hilary which was a lot of fun. And I went to see Bad Mom’s with a friend, so at least I got in some good laughs!


Sunday: Soccer Game | Hell no! 60 walk/hike.  This was a hard game not to go to as I’m starting to really miss playing soccer. Though I occasionally get injured playing, I still love the sport I’ve played for 30 years.

I did however, get out for a 60 minute walk/hike in the woods. I only got attacked by one tree branch, 10 mosquito’s, and freaked out a dozen squirrels. No, it wasn’t running and it took EVERYTHING in me not to run. I just tried to enjoy being active for an hour as it’s better then nothing. My ankle felt pretty good afterwards – bonus!


KM this week: 5k

KM this training cycle: 132 km

Overall: I’m just bummed out. Enough said.

What now? Well, I wait for a PT appointment and pray I get in. I’m starting to think about dropping to the 10k distance which is a great distance. BUT, I was JUST starting to get excited that I could really do this hilly half marathon. I was starting to feel confident in my abilities and happy with pace. Though I don’t regret playing soccer this summer but more disappointed I don’t have an answers to how I can move forward successfully.

Think good thoughts that I can get in this week!If you missed my recent weeks, check them out here: week 6, week 7, week 8. 

How was your weekend?

Racing, training or vacationing?

Have you dropped down in distance before? 


Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 8 {Half} Training, Ups & Downs.

I almost feel like there is nothing to write about for this weeks training since it was basically non-existent. If you missed it, last week during my soccer game I injured my ankle. It hurt a lot for 24 hours but each day got better and better. I took a full 7 days off running.

I did manage to get out for a run this Monday and it went really well with my ankle taped up. So far it’s okay, doesn’t hurt but isn’t 100%, hopefully I’ll know more tomorrow.

What was Planned vs. What Really Happened:

Monday August 15th: Coaching/Rest Day | Rest Day. I couldn’t have done this better, though I was injured. The girls didn’t have soccer but it was on the schedule by mistake.

I spent the day at work, icing my ankle and walking really slowly. Driving wasn’t awesome either but what can ya do when you’ve got to go to work/drop your kids off.

Tuesday: Yoga | Rest Day. I couldn’t even go to yoga😦 I was able to start walking normal but it was still a slower pace for me. I kept to walking from my car to the office and once around the grocery store. Pretty limited.

Wednesday: Run | PT Exercises & Weights. As my husband left for his evening run, I did some of my PT exercises for my SI joint and a few weights. I really wanted to just go for a run but my foot still hurt.


Thursday: Speed Work | Rest Day. By Thursday I just started to feel sad that I wasn’t running. It’s been beautiful weather and I actually feel motivated to run (of course, when you can run that’s all you want to do). I just felt bummed out. Bu Thursday, I was trying to figure out how hard it’s going to be to start running again after taking a full week off.

Friday: Rest Day | Swimming

Saturday: 17k Long Run | Yoga/Swimming . I tried to keep myself busy on the weekend and to not think about all the running I have been missing. We went to Valley Yoga Fest in the morning and swam in the afternoon.

Swimming Aug 20

Sunday: Soccer Game | Yoga/Swimming. I’m out of soccer for a bit until I figure out my ankle.  We went to yoga and swam again. Leisurely laps for 25 minutes.

Ankle update: I think it was just a strain vs a sprain. I had VERY little swelling and almost no bruising but man, the pain was severe. We’ll just see how it goes. I have an ankle brace that I can wear for soccer but I’m not playing any time soon. As for running, I’m taping my ankle when I run {one run done so far} since I had years of practice, it’s like tying up my shoes.

Overall: I’ve moved onto feeling disappointed. I have no idea what distance I can run at this point and time will tell. I’ll listen to my body, my Physiotherapist and go from there. There are other half marathons this fall but man, I was really starting to get excited for this one. So, no decisions on changing from the half to 10k as of today.

KM This week: 0

KM this training cycle: 127 km

Race Day: Sept 16th {5k} and 17th {Half Marathon, I think}.

Ever take a full week off running so close to your race day? (4-5 weeks out)

How do you keep yourself busy when you get injured?


Yoga, Swim {The Hip}, Repeat.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. Lots of good things, sunshine, water and I even shed a few tears and reflected on life in general.

This past weekend there was an event called Valley Yoga Fest. The girls and I decided to go Saturday morning to check out the kids class (amazing) and I did the adult class nearby. The kids class was so awesome, they did about 40 minutes of yoga and then played on the BIG playground – what kid wouldn’t love that!


Valley Yoga Fest

I was at the adult yoga class on a beach towel since my girls had both of my yoga mats. Honestly, I didn’t care I was on a towel with the wet grass underneath me. I was just happy to be able to attend a class and have my children participate in one at the same time. The towel didn’t faze me. My girls wanted me over at the playground so I cut my class short, again that was fine by me because it meant I had happy kids and I got in a little yoga.

Well, this is where the fun begins! Lululemon staff were at the session and gave me and my friend a new yoga mat! They gave out roughly 10 or more to random people in the class that we attended but they wanted to make sure we both got one since we were on towels and then we could do yoga WITH our kids…all on mats! Both my friend and I were blown away! We got lots of goodies; samples, complementary yoga classes at local studios, sunscreen and flavoured water.

Valley Yoga Fest 2.jpg

With my husband on night shifts all weekend, we went out Saturday afternoon to swim. I am taking care of my boss’s pool so we spent around 3 hours swimming and playing. We repeated this on Sunday too; yoga in the morning for all three of us and swimming in the afternoon. I even managed to do 25 minutes of leisurely laps…good lord I could never be a swimmer!

During Sunday’s yoga class I couldn’t help but think about Gord Downie and the concert I listened to the night before. I started my practice with him in my thoughts and eventually got lost in the hour and some random hugs and refereeing with the girls. The last song they played during the yoga class was a Tragically Hip song. To be honest, the tears starting falling down my face in an emotion of pure sadness. Full circle yoga session for me I guess.


If you don’t know who I am talking about, look them up…they are the most Canadian band you’ll ever hear. Last night all of Canada basically said “goodbye” to them as their lead singer Gord Downie has incurable brain cancer {horrible}. They put on a three hour show during their last tour.

I’ve listen to this band since high school and loved them all along. There are slight references to Canadian towns {Bobcaygen}, the radio/tv broadcaster {CBC} and reference great moments in Canadian history {hockey} in their lyrics………..

If there’s a goal that everyone remembers
It was back in old seventy two
We all squeezed the stick and we all pulled the trigger
And all I remember is sitting beside you

You said you didn’t give a f— about hockey
And I never saw someone say that before
You held my hand and we walked home the long way
You were loosening my grip on Bobby Orr

Saturday night I went to an outdoor concert to listen to them play as the CBC was airing their LAST concert live from Kingston, Ontario. I just needed to see the concert outside of my house for some reason and the outdoor venue was awesome.

They did THREE encores and Gord spoke briefly, mentioning the Prime Minister {Justin} but also leaving us with these words “Have A Good Life”. Oh man, I started crying! He was saying his goodbye and wishing US all well! OMG, lots of tears for his man. A friend of mine who attended another concert earlier in the week shared that he said “be kind to each other, take care of each other, and have a nice life”!

It’s true. We ALL need to be kind. We all need to take care of each other. If we could all do this, the world would be a better place I’m sure. The Tragically Hip may have finished their last tour ever but their music and their legacy will be with us forever.

I’m exhausted from all the activity, staying up WAY pass my bed time {so worth it} but also the sadness for Gord Downie. What now…well, I hope he’s able to enjoy life with his family, band members and friends.

How was your weekend?

Do bands have impacts on you? 

Did you catch the concert or see any reference to it online?

Injury: What Now?

With risk, comes injury…at least that’s what has happened with me. I took a risk this summer playing soccer, got injured and that’s having an impact on my running. I knew this could happen but really, it’s just part of life.

I love playing soccer. I’d probably choose a full game of soccer over running a half marathon if I had the choice. I grew up playing the sport and I’m happy that I can still play today. My body just isn’t as strong right now and I got injured because of that.

What now?

First off, I’m thinking this injury isn’t going to be as bad as my hamstring was (9-12 months of recovery). The first 24 hours (Sunday night – Monday night) were the worst pain wise. I had very little swelling and basically no bruising. Tuesday, I could actually walk normally but not too fast. I couldn’t rotate my foot sideways without some pain; lateral movements hurt.

Ice, ice and more ice. This was the only thing that made my foot feel better. I’ve had some people tell me to put heat on it but was advised by my doctor not to use heat (we all have our own way of doing things). I’m supposed to rest my foot (elevate) however I can’t sit too long as my SI Joint acts up…it’s a bit of a sticky situation trying to balance both injuries. I was still smiling and laughing on Tuesday about it all.

Now, it’s just wait time. I see my PT next week for my back (SI Joint) but he can’t do a full assessment of  my foot until Sept 21st! I’m confident he will briefly look over my foot next week since he has done that before when I injured my foot last year during my hamstring treatment. (I’m just a walking mess!) Don’t get me wrong, I could call another Physiotherapy business and get an appointment this week. However, I’ve done that before and it got my hamstring injury nowhere. He also knows my history and is treating me, so I’ll wait.

Mentally, I’m starting to just feel sad that I can run right now. I’m okay but sad, I guess I just really enjoy running and training for races.  I got bored the other night so I did my PT exercises for my SI joint and some weights on the deck while my husband ran. When I’m ready, I’ll go for a walk and see how my ankle does. Then maybe a walk/run. I’ll go to PT next week and wait.


What’s going on with my half marathon training?

Well, I have no idea until my ankle feels better on what distance I can run. I’m confident I’ll be able to run at least 5 – 10k…and I’m okay with that. Before my second 10k race ever, I severely tore ligaments in my left foot and ran a 10k three weeks later thanks to my PT at the time. It’s do-able.

I have to admit, it’s a good time to be sitting on my arse since I can watch the Olympics! Thanks for all your messages on here, Instagram and Facebook.

What do you do when injured?

Every afraid to get back to the sport to early?

Anyone racing or training this weekend? (Run some KM’s for me, please)


Maritime Race Weekend Week 7 Training (Half Marathon)

Well, where do I start? Week seven started off well and ended with an injury!!! Yup, I’m injured AGAIN! I’ll explain below but I’m still smiling and RICEing because really, there’s not much more I can do.

With passions comes risk. If you don’t pursue your passions what are you living for.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday August 8th: Coaching U6 Soccer | Coaches & Biked 18k. It was my last day of vacation and I wanted to get some cleaning and organizing done around the house. After I did a fair amount of cleaning, I headed out on my bike for an hour and managed 18k in 1:06.


Tuesday: Yoga | PT Appointment & Yoga. My SI joint is feeling better but I’m having some issues with my glutes that is affecting my lower back, hip and knee. Having said that, its on its way to working itself out. Yoga: I actually had a one-on-one with the instructor as no one else showed up! Lucky me!!!! It was good. I learned a few new things but didn’t leave feeling like I had a really good workout, bummah.

Wednesday: Coaching U6 & Run | Coaching U6 and 6k Run. It was a long day and I really just wanted to go to bed at 8pm when my girls did. However, I managed to get out after my husband finished his run and ran 6k. It wasn’t a good run as my body just wasn’t happy.

Thursday: Hills | Nothing. I missed my run as I just couldn’t pull it off that evening. I worked all day then took the girls to their soccer jamboree. By the time we got home and got the girls to bed it was after 8pm and I still had to do stuff around the house that couldn’t wait. Sometimes we just can’t do it all.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it.

Saturday: 5k Race | 5k Heart 0f the Valley in 27:59. This was a semi local event (40 minutes away) and the first time I’ve participated. I was super surprised that I ran it in 27:59 as I haven’t ran consistently under 6 min/km for over a year. It felt great, you can read more about it here.


Sunday: Soccer Game | Soccer Game. Where do I start? Well, I injured my right ankle with 10 minutes to go in our soccer game. I knew when I signed up to play soccer this summer that injuries could happen. At times, it’s a contact sport and I’m an aggressive player that isn’t afraid to get bumped around or challenge for a ball.


I can’t even tell you what happened but confident it wasn’t a collision with another player. I think I just jumped for the ball on a throw-in and when I landed on both feet, my right ankle collapsed on itself a bit. Essentially, it just gave away on me. I tried to walk it off and played for a few more minutes but it just didn’t feel right. I took off my cleats, socks and shin pads and sat on the bench. I’ve been to the Dr’s and she said I probably tore a ligament and should go for physiotherapy to strengthen it.

I’m booked in next week for my back but they can’t assess my ankle until September 21st!!!!! I laughed at the lady and took the appointment. Looks like I might just take care of my ankle for the next few weeks on my own and see what running I can do. My 5k & half marathon are on September 16 and 17th, which would be before I’m even assessed. At this point, I’m not sure what I’ll do but pretty sure I can take care of it over the next five weeks until my PT appointment. I’d be happy with running any distance at Maritime Race Weekend but I’ve been really enjoying my long runs lately. Oh well, it’s life…right!

KM this week: 11 km

KM this training cycle: 127km (super low km this training cycle).

My thoughts the other day: Okay, I’ve gotta get my shit together. I’ve done no speed work, no hill work and my kilometers are low. I’ve been active with cycling, yoga and soccer which is great. Though this week I was busy with a variety of activities, I need to get going on running more, hill work and speed work. The good news is that our girls have finished soccer, I almost feel relieved! Coaching both teams was busy not to mention sometimes having both girls with me at each other’s practice.

My thoughts since getting injured: Well SHIT, what now!

If you missed week 6, you can read it here.

How much cross training do you do a week?

How was your weekend?

How do you deal with injury from another sport?

Heart of the Valley 5k Recap

What? You ran a race? No flat Piper, no pre race goals, no sharing that I even registered last minute? Nope. Nothing. I ran a 5k race yesterday….well 4.83 km to be exact.

So, early last week I signed up for a 5k race and ran it yesterday. I’ve signed up for very few races this year not because I don’t want to run them all, cause I do. But, it’s a lot of work to go to a race when you have young children, a husband who works shift work, you work full time and you live in region of the Province that isn’t the central region and can’t get to “all the runs”.

When I set my training plan for Maritime Race Weekend I was already two weeks into the schedule. I’m playing soccer and doing things with my family this summer that I knew would have an effect on my half marathon training. I decided to put “Heart of the Valley 5k” on my training plan with hopes that I’d actually sign up and run it. There were three distances: 5 -10-25km. I thought about the 10km but I’m still running a slow 10k (for me) so I thought I’d go with 5k and just have fun with it.

Happy before!


Krystol, my running buddy and I drove down to the run early. It was a really small event with the 25ker’s leaving around 8 (I think) and we started at 9. It wasn’t chip timed or anything so it was up to the good ol’ Green Garmin to track my time. I had no goals but was hoping to finish around 31-32 minutes as that’s what time I’ve been running for 5ks lately.

Having said that, Krystol went out fast as she wanted to capture a PB (25 minutes!!!) and I slowly ran behind her and a little crowd. Except I wasn’t running slow, I was running fast and thinking “shit, I’ve gone out too fast, the rest of the 4k is going to be terrible”. With that in mind, I just kept going and followed the crowd and red arrows with purple tape on them for the 5k route. We had to cross over a busy road right away and it wasn’t controlled by volunteers even though one was standing there. Odd, I though.

Beep-do-dee, sounded my Green Garmin and I saw 5:48/km. Woah, mama…you haven’t seen that number in a long time…keep running. A few people passed me but I just kept focusing on my run. KM number two hit and I missed looking at the pace but my average pace was 5:54…cool.

After dodging traffic twice without saftey assistance, I had to cross traffic again for the water station on the other side of the road…odd and unsafe I thought. It was also the turning point for the 5k’ers and the 10kers went straight. Down the long road I went, clipping along at a good comfortable pace, under 6min/km still.

The man ahead of me almost turned down a wrong road and it was only because of a bystander that he made the right turn down the trail. The red sign with purple tape wasn’t visible to direct us down the trail. I followed him and eventually passed him as I was feeling good.

One more turn and I was heading back to the finish line where I picked up my pace even more. It was hard and I’m sure I had an ugly face on but I was pushing so hard to get a sub 30 5k at this point because I knew I could do it.

I finished and turned my Garmin off without looking at it right away, it only read 4.83km. I looked for Krystol but she was nowhere to be found and I got a little worried. I didn’t pass her, she wasn’t injured on the side of the road, maybe she went the wrong way towards the end like me and the other guy almost did. Nope, she missed the 5k turn off and kept running with the 10kers as it was poorly signed. She missed the sign at the water station that was on the other side of the road. She ended uprunning 7k in total since the 10k route was completely different then the 5k.

Happy after!


I finished 4.83km in 27:59 which I’m really happy with. Even if I kept running to finish the actual 5k, I’d be under 29 minutes…so that makes me really happy. I honestly thought I wouldn’t run under a 6 minute kilometre this year since I’ve been running at 6:30-6:45 lately on all my runs.


When I finished you had to “check-in” so they could mark off your name “returned” and they asked me how it was. I was extremely honest and said it was fun but completely unsafe. They needed more volunteers on the course and at least 1 person at each of the three sections that we had to cross over into traffic (not even a crosswalk available). The women just looked at me and said “oh”.

I’m glad I signed up but I’m not sure if I’d do it again due to the fact that it just felt unsafe dodging traffic. The route was really good but just unsafe. I got a unisex cotton singlet that I’ll probably never wear. Krystol enjoyed it was well but wasn’t too happy about the lack of direction support on the route.

5k race, sub 30 – check that off my list🙂

Ever feel unsafe at a race? 

Does it bother you when the course isn’t exactly 5k/10k/21.1 etc.?

Do you ever provide feedback to race directors/committees?


Learning about the Olympics

Every four years we get to experience some amazing sports through the Olympics. Growing up, whether it was the summer or winter Olympics, we’ve always watched them. It became something we did as a family and now that tradition is starting with our daughters.

Our girls are 3.5 and 6 years old, so their understanding of sport is limited to soccer, running and skiing mainly. Watching the Olympics through their eyes is well, eye opening. They know nothing about the sports being played: Rugby 7’s, synchronized diving, rowing, fencing etc. Basically we have to teach them about the sport as they are watching from the knowledge we have.


It’s also been an opportunity for them to understand more about other countries. Saï is British and I’m Canadian, so technically the girls have two countries they can cheer on! While watching the Canadian women’s soccer team in their opening game (while playing in the sprinkler cause that’s how we roll), I asked if they wanted to play for Canada some day…they both said yes. Then came the question, do you want to play for Canada Mommy? I laughed and said yes, of course but it just not something I’m able to do.

What I’m Loving About The Olympics So Far

Its day six and I have to admit, I love that all the medals Canada has won have been by women! Strong, powerful and confident women! For my daughters, I love that they have these amazing role models swimming in the pools, running on the fields and riding on the roads. They are striving for their best and really what more can you ask for.

Watching the games online at work (yes, because we are doing that in our office) has been a fun way to see all the advances and set backs Canada (and other countries) are having. If you missed some Canadian highlights, check out this #whatittakes video as I’m sure you will be inspired and see their motivation to do what it takes to succeed.


I don’t know about you but watching this video makes me want to go for a run (my passion) and just get more active in general. During my bike ride Monday (18k) all I could think about is how the cyclist do it since I was going to slow and on a trail at that. Olympic and Paralympic athletes amaze me!

What’s been your favourite “What It Takes” moment for your country?

What sport are you learning more about this Olympics?

Are you more active during the Olympics?