Time Out’s for Toddlers

Wow, I feel like this could be a hot topic.

Lilly just turned 18 months a week or so ago but she’s been hitting me, her father, other children, objects like a chair or table when she’s “mad, mad mad” for a little while now.  Up until now we would tell her “no hitting” or “hitting hurts” and removing her from the situation or distraction. Our daycare sitter is doing the same thing to stay on the same page with us.

However, the hitting  (I feel) is increasing and starting to get directed at my face and ripping my glasses off in the process. I know she’s only 18 months old…but when does one say enough is enough – your in Time Out.  I’ve come across articles saying that “time out” is not a good thing for a child and that it can have lifelong effects of frequent use on the child. Hummm………..I’ll think about that one.

Today, we had friends over; J, K and their mom’s. [Background story on these women: during our prenatal class in the spring of 2010 we all became friends, had our children within 10 days to 6 weeks apart, we then spent a whole year off together; Fun day Monday’s, nursing our babies, teaching them to crawl or not crawl – they have become great friends of mine and Lilly loves there kids – sometimes too much and they bump heads]. 

Lilly was not happy with the two boys playing with her toys – this is a relatively new problem. She was starting to get mad and then would take the toy they were playing with. I was correcting her and asking her to share her toys that they boys were playing with. Then the hitting started, so I put her in time out and felt terrible. Thank goodness the other mom’s are on the same page as me and encouraged me. I put her in chair and sat beside her where she proceeded to cry a little. She would stand up as if to leave and I would say no, “no hitting” and motion for her to sit back down. After about 30 seconds of sitting with her in time out, I let her get up, gave her a hug and said “Lilly no hitting” and she went to go play. She seemed fine, except I didn’t.

Time out is one of those questionable things, to do or not to do? But I also have to teach my daughter that hitting is not nice or acceptable. As long as she’s hitting it looks like “time out” is going to be our new thing.

Guess I should notify the sittter 🙂

Do you do time out for your toddler or child? How long? And for what?