Two days at home WITHOUT toddler!

Wow, I’ve been waiting for a while to have even just 1 day at home without a toddler running around. Not that I don’t love my daughter – I DO. But everything is so much easier to do when she is either asleep or at the sitters (Mon -Fri).

I started my Christmas vacation today at 3:30 with getting my hair cut. Nothing like making a girl feel good about herself then getting a hair cut …. well maybe  a really good run or workout 🙂 (Which I am hoping to get in over the next two days).

Last night when I went to bed my mind was racing with things I had to do at work, and things I had to do before Christmas, during Christmas and then I stopped thinking about the “to do” and tried to fall asleep. Eventually I did but Lilly woke us up a few times as she’s getting a cold….so not the best sleep.

On my “TO DO LIST” while Lilly is at the sitters 8:30 to 4:30ish over the next two days:

1. Get groceries.

2. Fill up car with gas – almost empty (plus it’s getting cold outside and I really don’t love pumping gas in my car on those COLD windy days – who does?

3. Put groceries away (without eating anything first)

This is when things start to get blurry and order goes out the door:

4. Workout (probably a 20 minute Jillian Michaels video and a 20 – 25 minute run outside in the cold) I do love to run in the winter.

5. Yeah, then I will need to shower and dry my new hairstyle (which you can never do just like the hair dresser).

6. Make 36 cookies for cookie exchange on Friday. Find creative way to package them.

7. Finish buying Christmas stuff (stocking stuffers and hopefully that’s it).

8. Clean our spare room…this will take a full day – crap. Maybe I’ll  just clean up 1/2 of the room so a guess could actually sleep IN the bed. I am sure my parents will be happy to sleep in a bed and not the futon in the basement someday.

9. House cleaning; bathrooms (we have 3 which is not cool), vacuum – our relationship has not been great lately, dust – frig I don’t like dusting….OK, i’ll stop there.

10. Finish wrapping my secret santa present for Friday’s baby Christmas party (okay, they are not babies anymore but it’s our baby group that is getting together).

And that’s just day 1.

Day 2

I will repeat #4 and #5 – as they go hand and hand. Might change up the workout slightly but the thought of having TWO days in a row of good workouts is rather motivating to me.

11. I’d really like to go shop…not buy stuff but just “shop” during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday. I worked in retail many years ago and loved this time of year.

12. Also, I’d love to take a nap….and not at the same time Lilly would go down as I would do during those early days (as someone once said to me “sleep when they sleep”. Very wise but I’m not going to nap at her scheduled time this go around.

13. Make Vegan Oreo Truffles for my husband (cause I love him).

14. Melt chocolate and dip the short bread cookies in chocolate. (Not vegan sorry Saï).

15. Laundry – how could I forget that. ( I can multi-task during this one).

16. Walk my dog – Maclean. She’s a retired sled dog who used to run and run and run. Now we walk and sometimes run. Her running is my sprinting and my only hope is that my neighbours have not witnessed this. (I remember finishing our “run” one day and realized I had just sprinted down our road and thought if only someone saw that, they would have thought I was nuts).

17. Maybe blog, a girl needs to escape, right?

18. Clean out wood stove – the ashes are getting a little out of hand.

19. Move wood inside (if I want to have a cozy nap….guess this has to happen before number 12.

20. Clean up “my side” of the room – it’s just terrible (Sorry Saï).

Well, I believe that is a big enough list for two days without a toddler. I’m sure I will be exhausted but will  feel pretty happy to cross off a number of these items.

Wish me luck!!!

Do you make “to do lists”? I couldn’t survive without them (especially after having a child).



2 thoughts on “Two days at home WITHOUT toddler!

  1. Update after Day 1:

    Items number 1, 2 and 3 are completed (even took my time to “shop” around so number 11 could be considered complete as well.

    Items number 4, 5 and 16 completed – well I didn’t manage a run but did walk Maclean after 4 and 5.

    Number 9 and 20 – started.

    Number 19 – my Dad (who spent the night) moved a bunch of wood in for us (thank you Dad).

    Number 12 – started to make but realized I bought vegan “herbed” cream cheese and not plain 😦

    Not bad. Still hoping for that random nap….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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