Crap! Pop all over our Christmas photos!

You can see where this blog is going already.

As my husband sat down with our daughter yesterday he had a glass of pop at the table. We were getting ready to eat dinner and they were sharing something, I can’t remember seeing exactly what they were sharing but they were hanging out at the table – the busy put everything on it table.

All of a sudden I hear “CRAP” or it could have been more like SH*T. I looked over and saw a pool…yes a pool of pop all over Christmas pictures we had taken of our daughter at Wally-world.  Since we just got the pictures the day before this happened and had made a list of who we need to send them to all I could think of was – GREAT, just great, now we can’t give these to anyone and we’ve just wasted our money.

Deep breath….

So, we picked them up and shook off as much pop as we could. Then took a cloth (yikes!) to them. They seemed a little sticky and again I thought…CRAP. My poor husband at one point looked at me and said “just say something” and I couldn’t say anything! I was pretty upset because I thought the photo’s were ruined but really should I have placed them on the dinning room table or somewhere else (yes, probably) but I didn’t.

We put them in our spare room and turned the heat up a little. To our surprise this morning – they were dry and NOTHING was wrong with them. No sticky stuff, no lines or bubbles…well 1 photo with a black border was a little smudged. We Were Lucky!

Lesson learned for the day – always put important photo’s in a safe spot AND don’t drink pop/any liquid near photo’s 🙂