Some Days I Hate Working Out

There I said it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….I feel better.

Some days I hate working out! I probably shouldn’t say that or even write about it since I am a physical activity practitioner whose job is to engage the inactive to get active. But that’s how I felt about 45 minutes ago.

Since my husband is gone back to school in Prince Edward Island (4.5 hours away in another Province), I am a single parent. Which means it’s me, Lilly, our dog, the house/yard and my 9-5 job as a P.A. Practitioner.  (Crap, I just remembered that I went for a 15 minute power walk this afternoon as part of a workplace walking group my co-worker and I started – guess I got my daily physical activity in for the day. Mark that off my list.

I digress….

Fitting in a good workout for me is challenging these days. In the past my first choice would be 1 a soccer game 2 a good run 3 cross-country ski obviously only in winter. But now those options are simply…. just not options (unless I pay for a sitter – no thanks).

For my 31st birthday this past summer my husband asked me “what do you want?” and I responded with “I’d like the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD”. He wasn’t sure if I was serious but he bought it anyway. In August I started to workout in the evening or while Lilly took a nap. Then when my husband went away in September I had already built up my engagement in the DVD, I was committed. (And no, I am not receiving any form of compensation for blogging about this DVD….but if Jillian Michael’s happens to read this and want me to promote her DVD I will).

Since I didn’t work out for the last two nights I thought I should get my butt moving. All I could think of was “it’s cold and I’m really not in the mood”. I put on my yoga pants that fall just under my knees and a long sleeve Bluenose Marathon running shirt that I bought after I ran my first (and only so far) 1/2 marathon in 2006.  And I sure wasn’t about to put on a fire in my wood stove and sweat even more.

Off I went, put in the DVD and the warm up began. I still thought “some days I hate working out” but I kept going.  Have you ever done a Jillian Michael’s DVD workout?  She’s hard-core and apparently it was rubbing off on me tonight.

Plank Jacks, Oblique Twists, High Knees, Walkout Plank Push Ups – I nailed them all – TWICE! I was on fire…again good thing I didn’t put a fire in the wood stove or I would have melted away. I normally like doing crunches so those were easy.  Tonight I felt like I could have just kept going like the Energizer Bunny, but I didn’t.  Stop when you have the “high” because you’ll remember that moment the next time you work out and want to get that feeling again.

Nothing like a GOOD WORK OUT to kick yourself in the butt.

After I worked out I enjoyed a post workout snack: my favourite coconut yogurt with blueberries and soy chocolate milk. Yum Yum.

When do you work out?

What do you do when you hate the thought of working out, but still have to get it in?