Goal Boards

With the start of the New Year and reading blogs about new year’s resolutions, goal setting and things people want to do in 2012, I started to think about what I wanted to do this year.

After reading about a goal board via Confessions of a Fitness Instructor, I thought that it might be the easy project to do in 2012. Now, I am not super crafty….I can kit, crochet a toque but nothing else, scrap booking, I have an interest in sewing but I really suck at it and can’t figure out my super-duper machine which my husband bought me two years ago. (Sorry Sai). That’s about it – so pretty basic.

A coworker of mine has a vision board – or maybe it’s a goal board. Anyway, she puts pictures, quotes or notes on this board (I am picturing a nice cork board) of things she wants to do in life. What would you put on a vision or goal board: pictures of a house you want to build, paint colours you love, a race you want to run . So, I thought again about making a goal board and I figure I can do this. Start small and have fun with it.

So this is what I did (keeping in mind I am NOT a crafty person)

Step 1 – Buy a Cork Board.

I went with an old box: use what you have at home. This is what I did because I am trying to buy less and bring less into my home (yes a goal I put on my board). This was an old Patagonia box from pair of sneakers my husband bought a while back.

Step 2 – I had to cut the board down so it was even on all sides:

Step 3 – Always have a supervisor on hand when crafting:

Step 4: You can put down a base with tissue paper, cardboard or scrap booking paper. I used scrap booking paper that I had in the house and have never used.  Trying to use up what I have.

Step 5:  Select your main goals. A few suggestions could be work, personal, family, money, fitness, kids, shopping etc.

I chose four goals: Family, Fun, Blog and Personal.

Family – I have put “Snow Play” as we love to be outside and Lilly loves the snow (so far).

Fun – After I took this picture, I  put on the board  “Run 10km under 60 minutes” – this might not be fun. But this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and if I make the training fun then hopefully the final result will be fun too.

Blog – 52 post over the course of 2012 – that equals 1 a week. I feel that is a simple goal to do – not too stressful. Some how I have managed to blog 2-4 times per week so far.

Personal – I posted a picture of a women running and a quote. 1 – because I want to continue to be active and I love the feeling after I’ve had a good run and 2- the quote to keep me motivated. Maybe I’ll use this in my Motivation Monday series that I am going to start this week (blog goal on board). I also placed a pair of sneakers as I desperately need to invest in a new pair of runners.

Step 6: Finish putting my goals on the board. Place board on wall in visible area so I remember what I am striving for in 2012.

Step 7: Evaluate at the end of year (and blog about it).

Have you made a goal or vision board? What did you put on it?

PS – I have my first GIVEAWAY post coming on Sunday – so check back for what it is (think baby’s bum)!!!!