My Toddler Said ???

First off, Happy 19 months to our little one – I guess I should stop saying little one as she’s really not little anymore.  Well she’s a toddler and they are little people so it’s going to stick around for a while.

We were given a baby book before Lilly was born so I have been documenting (or forgetting to document) stuff that she has done. One thing I did write down is when she started saying words – around 8 months she started to say Da da and then at 9 months mum mum mum. Some of her first words were Banana – more like nannas and Hi (said with a soft voice). In the fall we noticed she was saying more so we started to write them down just to see what she was saying: apple, ahh choo, Hi or Hi ya, cheese, ear, ball, row row (row your boat) and attempts at Maclean – sounds like klyane.

Then her vocabulary grew in what seem to be over night in December. Saying cheers (clinging cups together, taught by Auntie Laura), bath, peeasheee (please), hello, knee, tooesh (toes), purple, yellow, eye, elbow and babeee. Each day she will try to say something new. By far the best one yet is “I lauw uo”…I love you while skyping with her Dad. Melt your hearts!

Banana’s are still nanna’s.

Friday morning we did our normal routine; up, eat, get dressed, play, get ready to leave the house. But today we had to shovel the end of the driveway as we had a little snow storm. No problem I thought, we’ll go out and I’ll bring her shovel and we’ll have fun! Well our neighbour down the road came and snow blowed us out, god love her. It was such a help. So, Lilly and I watched her “drive” her snowblower back to her house as Lilly was rather interested in the big machine.

We started to pack the car and in her comes  shovel. {This is where you think she is going to say “shovel”….. nope, she did not say shovel}! We arrive at the sitters and I realized I forgot baby wipes and responded with “shit”. Now this is where my parents and family members will laugh as I was caught on video as a teenager saying “shit”. The big joke is who get’s to teach the word “shit” to  Lilly. My brother Paul was REALLY wanting to do this….well…to bad so sad but Mama has done it!

We get out of the car and I hear ssshheeeit, sssheeit, ssheeit, sheit. There was nothing I could do but laugh and warn the sitter that my daughter may swear today and say shit. She laughed at me and said not to worry, I’ve heard worse from the little ones!!!

Maybe I need a swear jar and Lilly benefits from the profits ? Something to think about.

Are you amazed at how many words your toddler can say?

Have you heard your little ones say “shit” ?

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5 thoughts on “My Toddler Said ???

  1. Oh, I am amazed at all my three year-old can say, that’s for sure! It’s me and him during the day and it’s as if I’m chatting with a little mini-me. He says almost everything I say, with the same nuances too. The way he says things, it’s too cute. The other day he told me I broke his heart.

    I have slipped and said the F word but I stressed how wrong it was to him when he repeated it! Sometimes, it’ll still slip, when he’s really pissed. It’s funny how they know when to use the sassy word too.
    Nice blog. I’m new here. Thanks for visiting!

  2. So funny! I am the potty mouth in my house too, but really only in my car. And my kids are so good and honest (SO FAR!) that they earnestly remind me that what I just screamed at that bad driver was a bad word. Ugh! I just heard about the swear jar and I like it! Also thanks so much for “liking” my blog jennswondering. It seems we have a lot of kid stuff in common (though you may owe less to the swear jar….I do try!).

  3. DD said shit because she was imitating her mommy. 😦 Bad Mom! To be fair, I was trying to merge into a really hard lane on the parkway where people just won’t yield, and I said sorry after saying it.

    But a week later, at the same yield point, DD hollered out “Shit!”. DH looked horrified. I was kind of impressed that she remembered at 2 years exactly where the rotten merge point was .

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