Cloth Diapers & my first GIVEAWAY!

That’s right folks – my first GIVEAWAY is a Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper thanks to Spoil Me Rotten.

As I’ve mentioned before, we cloth diaper our little one.  And it’s been an easy experience as there a lots of resources around; great friends who have cloth diapered, great stores to visit and plenty of online websites to view.  There are many different cloth diapers on the market: Charlie Banana, Bum Genius, FuzziBunz, AMP, Flip and too many more to list.

I’ve never had a Charlie Banana diaper so I purchased one when I picked up my giveaway diaper at Spoil Me Rotten. I washed and dried it a few times this week before I used it so it would be all ready to go. Saturday morning I finally put it on Lilly. As I placed it under her bum she looked at me and smiled then put her hand down to feel the diaper. It was soft and she smiled again – she liked it! She liked it so much that after lunch she decided to REALLY christen it…..yes she pooped in the nice, soft, really clean-looking, WHITE diaper. Oh man I thought, that sucks. But I took it off and proceeded to clean it – super easy to get the stain out even before washing in the washing machine with other diapers. I’m going to like this diaper which mean’s I’ll be heading back into Spoil Me Rotten for another one.

A simple 10 step guide to cloth diapering:

Step 1 – Do your research: attend workshops, ask questions to store owners and ask friends about their experiences.

Step 2 – Decide how many diapers you want to buy and save some money during pregnancy that you will use to invest in diapers and accessories. You can buy diapers in singles or packages of 5 or 6. Some stores give a discount if you buy a certain number (10 or 12). We put away $20-$25 a pay cheque so it wasn’t alarming when we went to purchase them.

And don’t forget about the accessories: wet bags, laundry detergent, extra liners if needed, cloth wipes etc. We bought a few wet bags; one for the diaper bag, one in the sitters bag, one for the pale that we put rinsed diapers in and a spare – just in case. We bought them in all different sizes and different brands.


Step 3 – Decide was size you want to buy: One Size, Small, Med, Large etc. Do you want Velcro OR  Snaps?

Step 4 – Decided if you want All in Ones (AIO’s), Pocket Diapers, Flat Diaper, Prefolds like Bummis. If you didn’t do step number one, you will not know what I am talking about – do your research.

AND don’t forget about the cute SWIM Diaper!

Step 5 – Buy and Wash, Wash and Wash your diapers. This will get them ready for full absorbency, which is a must.

Step 6 – Have Baby (not optional if wanting to cloth diaper).

Step 7 – Put on baby, take off baby. Rinse, Wash, Dry and Repeat multiple times.

Step 8 – Remember how much you spent on the cloth diapers and how much money you are spending now ??? (Remember disposables are not cheap).

Step 9 – Use diapers on multiple children and repeat step #7 over and over.

Step 10 – Spread the word about cloth diapering.

Spoil Me Rotten is the store that has supplied the Charlie Banana cloth diaper and is located in Berwick, Nova Scotia. They carry everything from maternity clothing, cloth diapers, the latest toys, bibs, shoes, etc. I’ve been a frequent flyer at their store purchasing everything from a belly band, maternity pants, shirts, bras etc to diapers, inserts, liners, wooden puzzles, bibs, cups….the list could go on.  Big thanks to Angie at Spoil Me Rotten.

She has also included a 10% off coupon code for your next purchase:

Contest details: To enter the contest you must comment on this post (why you cloth diaper or why you want to cloth diaper) AND list one product by name from the SPOIL ME ROTTEN Website. 

Contest will run Sunday January 15th to Saturday January 21st ending at noon (Atlantic Time Zone). Open to residents in Canada and US only.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Spoil Me Rotten Maternity Store or Charlie Banana.

38 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers & my first GIVEAWAY!

  1. Well Anna, my decision to cloth diaper began with a very innocent question from my sister-in-law. She asked the question, cloth or disposable. At the time, there was no question, disposable, I had never even though of cloth as an option before. Amy began to explain the benefits of cloth (especially the cost) vs. disposable. I began to see the light. I like you began to educate myself and learn what we were able and willing to do. We have been using them since Jesse was 2 weeks old and only have bought disposable to have “just in case”. We ended up buying all of our cloth at Spoil Me Rotten. I have mostly the Baby Land ones and love them. We have found them so easy for the first six months of Jesse’s life, especially with breastfeeding and no need to rinse. We are now entering into cloth diapering with solids, it is a little different but we are starting to get the hang of it (any hints you have with poopy diapers would help  ). Now that we are users of cloth I would never go the other way. As for items from Spoil Me Rotten, I don’t even know where to start (or stop which might be the greater problem with my slight addiction to the store). From our Baby Land cloth, Rockin’ Green detergent, Bummies wet bags and liners, to John Deere teethers, Bink Links, and Melissa and Doug Toys, I LOVE IT ALL. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and look forward to all the posts in the future!!!

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  3. We cloth diaper because we save so much money! I couldn’t imagine having to buy disposables! And in my opinion, there’s nothing cuter then a fluffy butt!

    I’ve never heard of Spoil Me Rotten before…what a great website! I am in love with the Lulujo wraps!

    Do you mind if I mention your blog/contest on my FB page?!/pages/New-and-Used-Diaper-Company/286115328083083

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! Good luck to everyone!

  4. We are on a little break from cloth until we get our washing machine problem dealt with and our little one’s tummy trouble fixed up. I think what i like most is saving money and, of course, that cute little bum in bright colors! I bought all my cloth – Baby land pocket diapers – at Spoil me rotten and i love them. They are priced great and have worked really well for us.

  5. We cloth diaper to save money and to keep gross chemicals to minimum. I love the look of the Kushies mermaid swim diaper…. especially the cute little tie! Love your list 🙂 Looks like we have a similar goal… convince people that cloth diapers rock!

  6. I’m planning on practicing EC with my next little one–due in March–and my two year old is in the midst of potty training. I want to convert to cloth diapers for the “just in case” parts of EC–especially long car trips, shopping, or when the little one stays with grandparents. Cloth makes so much more sense than disposable with EC because after a while, accidents are few and far between. Washing a few diapers will be so much more convenient–and cheaper!–than keeping a huge box of disposables on hand. It will be much easier to wash diapers than to have to pick disposables up at the store.

    I’ve registered for this JJ Cole Nursing Cover in “Black Magnolia”. I like that it has the rigid neckline and plenty of coverage at the sides for sides. Not to mention it’s super cute!

  7. This is the perfect place to confess my cloth diaper addiction! We cloth diapered our first baby for 2 years (combo of Bum Genius and Baby Kangas) right up until we had our second baby a few months ago. With some potty training for baby #1 to get him out of diapers we had just enough time to do a few extra washes of our cloth diapers to freshen them up for baby # 2 to start using! Phew! We cut it close but the timing was perfect! By the time we’re done using our cloth diapers they will be in use for 4 straight years! Now that’s what I call a good investment!
    It was a simple choice for us to cloth diaper our babies (hello money saver, not to mention our babies have “perfect soft bottoms”!) and we haven’t looked back.
    We were the first one’s to request our daycare centre use cloth diapers, and while they were hesitant at first because they were unfamiliar with the “new cloth diaper scene”, they agreed and LOVED it! Warms my heart that we broke them in to being open to cloth diapering (I think they were picturing a big ole’ piece of cloth with a couple of safety pins in the sides).
    Have never heard of Spoil me Rotten before – thanks for passing the info along. They have a super cute website! I was immediately drawn to check out their arts and crafts section because that is big in our house right now. I think I might have to pick up the Melissa&Doug Decorate-Your-Own “Dinosaur” kit for my little guy – painting plus dinosaur’s…two of his loves combined! Very cool stuff.
    Love your blog Anna…keep up the great work!

    • I haven’t heard of Baby Kangas – I’ll have to check them out. Also, were there any books that you read or recommend for potty training. I’d like to start that in the spring but would like to do a little reading now.

  8. We cloth diaper for a number of reasons (economical, environmental, etc), but one of the biggest is that I love the thought of having a clean, soft, natural material against my baby’s skin…as opposed to paper! We are expecting our second little one and thus need to expand our current CD selection. We currently use Fuzzi Bunz (which we love and are also available through Spoil Me Rotten), but I would love the opportunity to test out the Charlie Bananas brand – I have heard many good things!

  9. I cloth diaper (when my kids are small enough) because it saves me money… I like the fact that it is more environmentally friendly… and I feel it’s a healthier option than chemical-filled disposables. I still use disposables for convenience when needed – I’m not hard-core – but the bulk are definitely cloth. Spoiled Me Rotten carries MATERNITY DRESSES like the Button Front Cotton Dress – Brown – too cute!

    • Any cloth diapers is great, in my mind. Maternity dresses are wonderful. I remember coming home from a wedding and I was about 6 months along with Lilly and she was kicking. My belly and dress were moving and my family could see it. They are so comfortable.

  10. We are planning on cloth diapering our little one,it was never a question to me cloth or disposable…it was a obvious choice,not only for a natural material on my baby but environmental reasons as well.
    I’m sure I will love it…we will find out in the next few weeks!

  11. Great Post! We cloth diaper in our house for a bunch of reasons including cloth can be economical, environmentally friendly, fashionable and fun. We have a few types of cloth diapers (including a couple of Charlie Banana ones from Spoil Me Rotten) and we’re eager to have to more as they provide a great fit on our little one. I have ordered from Spoil Me Rotten in the last month and we had great service- my only regret is that I didn’t stock up on another wet bag… I’ve been eyeing a Large Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag…

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  13. I plan to cloth diaper my LO when he/she arrives in June. I have already stocked up, 25 cloth diapers to be exact. I am looking forward to no diaper rash. I love to do laundry so I have no concerns about the time it might take me. It is good for the environment. Plus they are so cute on babies! I have heard nothing but the best of cloth diapers and feel it is worth my extra time to provide them for my baby.

  14. I am using cloth diapers on my little one now and I love that they are easy and cute! People who don’t know much about cloth diapers think I am a saint for doing all the laudry and care of them but these are NOT your Grandmother’s cloth diapers! Most of my stash came from Spoil Me Rotten! (though they didn’t have Charlie Banana at the time so I see a few new diapers coming on!)
    An item from her site that I would have loved to have when my little one was an ifant is the JJ Cole Lite Bundle Me “Sassy Pink” Infant Sac. So cute!

  15. We decided we are going to use cloth diapers because they are wicked for the environment (even though it might take water to wash them, they will not fill up a landfill) and because we’ve heard awesome things about them. They are also so super cute it makes the baby moving around in their diapers even more adorable. We bought a Fuzzibuns diaper from Spoil me Rotten and plan to purchase many many more-including Charlie Banana diapers-because everyone is super positive about them thus far.

  16. Hi Anna,
    To be totally honest the main factor for us in cloth diapering was the savings, although the environmental benefits were appealing as well. We are definitely clothesline people, so there is extra energy savings there and it does get them very white  We bought BumGenius 4.0 one size diapers after attending the Nurtured workshop and getting a few recommendations from friends who were already using them.
    Not sure if this counts as a tip for financing your diaper purchase, but in my workplace everyone usually chips in for one or two big-ticket items for baby showers so I just spread the word that we were looking for cloth diapers and got quite a collection of them that way as our “large” gift (and we were lucky enough to get even more from friends and relatives who checked out our registry).
    I love Spoil Me Rotten, I made a special trip there in the Summer to buy a maternity dress for a wedding, and they had so many great and different mat clothes! I chose the Flower Accent Dress in black from the site, since I bought that dress in Navy and wore it any time I dressed up all summer – so comfortable and stretchy! I was sort of sad to put it away once the baby came 
    Great job on the blog,

  17. We cloth diaper because it will save us money in the long run, but even more so because they are just so darn cute. I love the XS FuzziBunz from Spoil Me Rotten – they’re the perfect fit for my 3 month old.

  18. My husband and I are new to parenthood and new to cloth diapering. For the first couple of weeks after our son was born we used disposable diapers, and we generated so much trash!! So we are cloth diapering now to reduce waste and to save money. So far so good, we have been really pleased as to how straight forward it has been. We decided to try a few different brands to see which ones will work best with our son, so we are trying the FuzziBunz, Charlie Banana, Baby Kanga, AMP, and Thirsties.

    We really like Spoil Me Rotten, it is a great store! We have gotten FuzziBunz there…I also got my favourite maternity dress there, the blue print full length maxi dress, I wore it all the time and I will continue to wear it after pregnancy!

    Happy cloth diapering everyone 🙂

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