I got a feelin’….

As I took Maclean out for a quick morning walk and thought, ugh I don’t want to run at lunch today!

I had this feeling that it just wasn’t what I wanted to do during my hour-long lunch break. So when we got home I started to write for a few minutes and this is what I came up with:

  1. really don’t want to run at lunch.
  2. I had a great work out last night, I don’t need to work out today.
  3. It’s winter and it’s +1 c outside (humm…that’s not so bad).
  4. My house is warm and cozy (it’s always going to be warm and cozy…like tonight).
  5. I kinda don’t want to sweat (ha – that’s just pathetic)
  6. I remembered my weekly work out goals I wrote down (crap, now I have to run)
Me – not impressed about running at lunch.
Then came across this quote I saw a few weeks back I saw on Pinterest: “A Run begins the moment you forget you are running” Adidas ….this made me think.
At noon I geared up and went out anyway. My first thoughts were “Why am I running, really Why?”. I know the benefits of daily physical activity – that IS my 9-5 job AND it would be slightly embarrassing if I didn’t know the benefits.  So I thought about it…I run to be healthy, for my family, for my daughter in hopes she will value being active when she is older. However, I wasn’t running to train for something, no races planned or soccer tournaments…I was just running to run and that felt great.

I ran faster today. I ran longer today. My running felt like it did before I had Lilly – that was a great feeling. I began to think about things. Like a comment a friend posted on my giveaway post – she talked about potty training her son before her second child was born (a daughter). And I thought…I need to talk to her; how did she do it, does she recommend any books, tips and that’s when I realized I forgot I was running.

Now, this picture is either me with my hands in the air with excitement after my run OR me with the camera above my head taking a picture in a dirty mirror after my run.

What do you think about when you run or work out?

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