I got a feelin’….

As I took Maclean out for a quick morning walk and thought, ugh I don’t want to run at lunch today!

I had this feeling that it just wasn’t what I wanted to do during my hour-long lunch break. So when we got home I started to write for a few minutes and this is what I came up with:

  1. really don’t want to run at lunch.
  2. I had a great work out last night, I don’t need to work out today.
  3. It’s winter and it’s +1 c outside (humm…that’s not so bad).
  4. My house is warm and cozy (it’s always going to be warm and cozy…like tonight).
  5. I kinda don’t want to sweat (ha – that’s just pathetic)
  6. I remembered my weekly work out goals I wrote down (crap, now I have to run)
Me – not impressed about running at lunch.
Then came across this quote I saw a few weeks back I saw on Pinterest: “A Run begins the moment you forget you are running” Adidas ….this made me think.
At noon I geared up and went out anyway. My first thoughts were “Why am I running, really Why?”. I know the benefits of daily physical activity – that IS my 9-5 job AND it would be slightly embarrassing if I didn’t know the benefits.  So I thought about it…I run to be healthy, for my family, for my daughter in hopes she will value being active when she is older. However, I wasn’t running to train for something, no races planned or soccer tournaments…I was just running to run and that felt great.

I ran faster today. I ran longer today. My running felt like it did before I had Lilly – that was a great feeling. I began to think about things. Like a comment a friend posted on my giveaway post – she talked about potty training her son before her second child was born (a daughter). And I thought…I need to talk to her; how did she do it, does she recommend any books, tips and that’s when I realized I forgot I was running.

Now, this picture is either me with my hands in the air with excitement after my run OR me with the camera above my head taking a picture in a dirty mirror after my run.

What do you think about when you run or work out?

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4 thoughts on “I got a feelin’….

  1. Nice BLOG Anna! …..Funny this happens to all of us even though we absolutely love to run, swim, ride or dance etc. I had a coach tell me a long time ago that the hardest part of getting moving is taking the first step….I certainly told myself that when getting ready to run 20 km in the cold wind on Sunday….. and it helped that my friends were out there waiting 🙂

    Glad you had a good run!


    • Thanks S! You are so right about the hardest part can be taking the first step. Good for you for running in the cold last sunday. Brrrr. Can’t wait to skate on “The Rink” 🙂

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