Lucky Date Night with Hubby

Sarah Burke, 29 Canadian Freestyle Skier passes away Thursday after sustaining serious injuries in a skiing accident on Jan. 10.


I was rather excited Wednesday night when not only my mother showed up to help out with things around the house, but my husband came home! He is away in Prince Edward Island (4.5 hour drive from our house and another province away) going to school to be a Paramedic. Sai is finishing his ambulance rotation but has a week in between his rotations – so he came home.

Sai arrived home Wednesday night JUST as I was about to put Lilly to bed! I thought no way is she going to bed now, let’s go see Daddy I said to her. Daddie, Daddiee Daddie she said to me. She was thrilled to see him and off to bed she went (a little late but all worth it).

My mom comes down on Thursday’s to help out and so I can go out to Zumba class, shopping or for a run. It’s a big help. With Sai arriving home she really didn’t need to be here. She stayed anyway as it was 7pm but I told my mom to go home the next day and have a day to herself (as my Dad is in Calgary on a ski trip)….but she didn’t. Instead she met me and Sai for lunch at Designer Cafe – so delicious! She said to us “why don’t you two go to a movie tonight”. Now, we haven’t been to a movie since “Mall Cop” on a sunday afternoon before Lilly was born. (PS don’t go see a kiddie movie on a sunday afternoon……we were stuck between two birthday parties).

Anyway, we decided to go see Contraband. Not a bad movie – good action, sneaky and a night out with my hubby. It was nice to just get lost in the movie and just have Sai with me. Of course, Lilly went to bed for “Grammy” with no problems.

We got home and mom told be about Sarah Burke passing away. Amazing Canadian athlete, died at 29. She was such an instigator for the sport of freestyle skiing, extremely successful at what she did and an amazing role model for young girls. Married last summer. She’ll never get to go to a movie with her husband, have children or ski again. I have tears in my eyes as I write this and I am SO SO thankful for everything I have. I feel lucky to have had a date night with my husband.

To Rory Bushfield and family – I am so, so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Look at her smile – so full of life.

Rest in Pease Sarah.

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