Addictions or Guilty Pleasures

Last night I sat down with my husband to watch the hockey game (Toronto vs. Montreal). Now, I like hockey but it’s not my go-to sport. I tend to do things while we watch the games on T.V., like knitting, Facebook, blog, reading a magazine and every so often I do watch the game. Maybe I do these “things” because I can’t just sit there and watch something. I always have to be doing something. Unless it’s one of my favourite shows; Grey’s, Flashpoint, Blue Bloods etc (guilty pleasure for sure).

During the game last night I started a new project. I haven’t knitted since I was pregnant with Lilly (she’s 19 months now!)… I guess I just don’t have the time anymore. The other night I went to buy some new yarn – why, I don’t know, because I have a bag full of yarn at home – ahh, I remember, it was on sale, that’s why!

My new project is a shawl. I’ve never made one before but the pattern is super easy and it actually came on the roll (inside). I like to knit but when I make a mistake I usually take the project apart. Yikes, you are thinking. I know, I know, there are other solutions when you make a mistake. I started the shawl and you got it, I dropped a stitch – no problem – I picked it up…easy fix.

Back to THE GAME – Toronto was losing, it was getting late and I was getting tired. I wasn’t fully invested in the game but just really wanting to hang out with my husband.  With 10 minutes or so of play time to go, I decided to bed. Off I went, he wouldn’t be far behind. I went upstairs, got ready for bed – all while toting my knitting project in with me. I climbed in bed and started knitting. That’s when I knew I had either an addiction OR what is a guilty pleasure ???


These are a few of the “things” I have done before going to bed….while in bed actually:

  1. Reading before bed time; you know that book you just can’t put down cause it’s so good. And then your husband arrives in the bedroom to see you asleep with your book over your face.
  2. Facebook, Emails etc: Since I have a Blackberry for work I tend to use it before going to bed. And now as an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. Seeing that bright light at 6 in the morning can really wake up your eye’s.
  3. Knitting projects – probably the worst time to knit and most successful time for mistakes.
  4. Painting my nails – yup right before bed which means I have to stay awake until the dry.
  5. Lilly’s cloth diapers – so many nights I’ve gone to bed and realised her diapers were not ready for the next day.
The reason I am making a shawl is when Lilly was first born my Aunt Carol sent me prayer shawl; made by the ladies in her church. I wasn’t quite sure I would use it at the time. But let me tell you at 3:00 am in the morning when you are trying to nurse or get your little one back to sleep – it was like a warm layer on my shoulders! It kept me so warm that I’ve used it every night that I was up with Lilly – which pretty much has been every night since she was born. I love my shawl.
Now, this new knitting project will probably take me a few weeks. … well … let’s be honest – months. The only reason I got to sit down last night and relax was because my husband is home for a week. I don’t have to do everything by myself (bath Lilly, dishes, clean up toys, laundry etc.
Once I finish the shawl I will put up another post with the finished product….just don’t sit at the edge of your chair waiting for that post 🙂

What keeps you from going to bed at night?

What projects do you have on the go?