Mommies Half A** Workout

Well now……that workout wasn’t great.

Today started off on the wrong foot but at least I worked out. This is how my day went:

First off, Lilly is getting a cold – not cool.

WE were up all night – I MEAN ALL NIGHT. I believe I banked between 3-4 hours of sleep. 

WE slept in until 8. I start work at 8:30 – not today!

I had two meetings  that took up my whole day (productive too) and managed to pick up few groceries we were out of. Of course bear berries (blueberries) were on the list; Lilly’s favourite.

It’s Thursday so my mom was down; home-made banana muffins, warm winter meal and laundry washed and folded – I owe you big time mom. My dad was here too, Lilly was excited to read books with him and look at pictures of herself on his iPod. They ended up leaving tonight as we are expecting snow, and freezing rain early in the morning, which means they wouldn’t get back home in time for mom to go to work.

My parents took Maclean with them – a week with out her….sad but I also feel a bit of relief. I feel really guilty when we don’t get a walk in – which is happening more and more. Again, I don’t know how single parents manage everything and not lose their cool.

I got Lilly to bed and worked out. I didn’t want to work out. I was tired….my body is tired, my eyes hurt, I was cold. BUT, since I made a weekly workout plan, I felt the need to stick to it. Hummmmmmmm. Dam plan.

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred once again. I just wasn’t into it.  It was a half ass workout tonight. 80% max effort on my part which means only 80% results. Maybe it’s time to move onto level 3 and stay there. Side note – I did level 3 last week for fun – and well, it was JUST the workout I needed that day.

This is how I felt after my workout (but I was laying on my back on the floor):


At least I got my heart rate up…right??? Well, at least I DID something tonight and not sit on my butt – which to be honest, I still am wishing I did that tonight. Curling up on the couch sounds good right now, but I have to dry my hair before I go bed. Urgh.

So, what when wrong? Well, I am going to blame it on sleep. Lack of sleep. I just feel tired and I might have Lilly’s cold brewing in my body – not cool. We are trying to teach her to share and that not everything her hers (mine, mine, mine stage). But seriously Lilly, I am okay with you not sharing your cold with me. I would like to have more energy to play with you AND workout at the end of the night.

After my workouts I like to feel exhausted – like I’ve just had the best work out (not tired and lethargic). I wanted to feel more like this tonight:








Meh, there is always tomorrow 🙂

How do you feel after a workout? 

More importantly, how do you feel after a half ass workout?


One thought on “Mommies Half A** Workout

  1. If I have given 100%, then I fell amazing. Slightly buzzed most of the time! (as evident by an insane comenting frenzy on Facebook on Friday hehe). But if I ahve done half the work, I feel like crap. And then I get a little mad at myself. But we all have those days! Better luck next time right?

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