Muffin Tin Monday

A few years ago before we had Lilly, I came across this website called Muffin Tin Monday! I had never heard of this concept so I thought I would take some time to check it out! Well, I was hooked right then and there. I thought it would be great for when we had children.

My original plan was to do this for Lilly’s first birthday last year. I quickly decided that it wasn’t going to work with 5-7 one year olds – as they all were eating different foods at that point and  a sit down meal wouldn’t be best. So I put that idea on hold and may do it this year for her 2nd birthday.


The other day I went to a local shop and spent $3.88 on this muffin tin! I thought that was a bargain.


Since we have been having some challenges with getting Lilly to eat, I thought Muffin Tin Monday might be fun to try – and yes it was Monday that we did this.


I started getting dinner ready and putting small amounts of food in her muffin tin.

Then I realised that she was basically getting a beige meal (brings me back to camp days) – yuck. So I added some greens ; cucumber and brocoli but it didn’t really look that appealing to me – was it going to work for her ??? (The pasta was a spicy sloppy joe mixture that has tomato sauce in it and she actually likes it).





Lesson learned – don’t put a “dipping sauce” in the muffin tin, as that becomes Lilly’s focal point and won’t eat anything else until the dipping sauce is gone. Urgh…failure.

She was excited to see this new way of eating in a muffin tin. I will try it again but this time without any dipping sauce.

Have you tried Muffin Tin Monday/Meal ?

What other ways have you presented food to your toddler? Seriously, I am looking for ideas here 🙂