Saturday and a New (to me) Workout

This weekend we came to visit my family in Halifax, which for me is a bit of a process. Since I’ll be away for the weekend that means I won’t get any work done around the house. Friday, I had the laundry going and my list of “things to do” before we leave – TO DO. And yes, a workout was a priority….so was knitting but that didn’t happen. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever finish my shawl project as I am still on ball # 1 and have three more to go, Yikes!

I got most things crossed off my list and managed to get in a great workout, I felt stronger than I have before especially while doing walking push ups. Went to bed late – nothing new there. And managed to get our bags packed (clothing, diapers, running gear, snow gear for Lilly, a few books, blanket for the car, some food and charge my phone).

Saturday morning came and god love Lilly, she let me sleep until 7 AM! Such a great sleep in. We had breakfast (oatmeal, banana’s and milk), got a few last-minute items packed and we were on the road at 8:58.

First stop to visit Grammy at work – DONE.  Second stop my parents house – DONE. My sister was home and ready to play … out came the crayons and a variety of paper for Lilly to colour on 🙂 Lilly was a happy girl.

We had lunch and then Lilly went down for a nap. My sister was on duty to babysit in the afternoon so I could do whatever. My main goal was a run and some errands.

I went to do my errands first because shopping with a toddler isnt’ really fun (for anyone). I jumped in my car and got a few groceries for dinner and my favourite yogurt – Méditerranée Coconut Greek Yogurt by Liberté. They only had 1 left on the shelf – it was mine!!!! 🙂

Then I went to Fluffy Bottom Babies in Bedford. Lately we’ve been having a few challenges with Lilly’s cloth diapers during nap time at the sitters. MAJOR LEAKS! 😦 Not cool. My sitter and I have tried to figure out why but haven’t come up with a solution. So I asked the owner what would be the best solution and she recommended a hemp insert. Excellent. I ended up buying an AMP diaper with a 3 layer HEMP insert for night-time and a single HEMP insert for nap time. It was great that the owner (I didn’t get her name which was bad of me) actually took the time to answer my questions not only about what I was buying but about all the diapers she sells. I would completely recommend this store and look forward to going back for more diapers and other toddler/baby items. I am hoping we have success with our new solution … and will blog about it when we do.

I then ran to Michael’s Craft store – okay, I didn’t run, I drove. I bought some yarn that was on sale, I needed one more ball for my shawl project. Then I went home.


Second part of the day: My new to me work out.

I was going to go on a long run but decide a short 20 minute run in the -7 c, feels like -15 c with Maclean was good enough. She loved it and we barely had an pee breaks. And no pee-mail breaks this time.

When we got back from our run, my sister and Lilly were out for a play date next door. I figured I had enough time to fit in another 20 minute workout. I recently read on Bess Be Fit about the Tone It Up program but haven’t been able to look into any further – until she provided this link: Tone It Up Sexy Valentines Workout with printable sheets! I printed them off Friday night in hopes I would try them at some point. Little did I know I would try it out today.

[Picture source: Lulu Lemon – not from Tone It Up workout]

An 18 minute work out had me hurting all over. In ways that the Jillian Michael’s DVD had not. This. Was. Great! Something to add to my work outs!!!!

After I finished the work out I laid on the floor exhausted for a while and caught my breath. Once I got up from the floor I checked out a few more videos and think I’ll give this one a try RUSH  WORKOUT (less than 4 minutes working out). This would be great on those days when I don’t have a full 20-30 minutes to work out but want to get something in (and not feel guilty).

Have you tried any new work outs lately ? 

PLEASE share them , always looking for something new to try in the home.