Work Out Jar

Work out jar … WHAT is that?

Well, I came across it on Pinterest – my new obession online resource.

What is it?  It’s a little jar that I put money in each time I work out. $2 or a toonie for those in Canada. 

Then what? Over the course of weeks or a month(s) you’ll collect a good chunk of money – that’s if you work out! It’s a little way of seeing how much you’ve worked out and then rewarding yourself later.

It’s pretty simple to do and a great way to see your progress. The more you work out each week the more your collection will grow!

Since I desperately need to invest in some new runners but can’t just go spend what I want when I want, this is a great way for me to put a little money aside for when I am ready to make the big purchase.

This is how I made my workout jar: 

First, I got an old jam jar that I was no longer using and made a little label for the top.












Then I made a list of items that I would love/need to have and placed my $2  in the jar (loonies in this case) for the workout I did the night before.









Then I had the finished product – pretty simple. Each day I work out I put $2 in and it adds up fast.


I try to work out 5 days a week = $10. This week I’ve only worked out twice because I’ve been sick … ah well what can ya do. I’ve got $4 in the jar.

Now you don’t just have to do this for “working out”. You could put in money for each time you use Active Transportation to get to work or if you go for a walk during your lunch break – hey that’s working out!

I keep it in the kitchen so I can see it on a regular basis. It would be easy to just hide it away and forget about this little “work out jar”. Plus another motivation to keep me working out 5 day a week.

Now I just need to start looking at runners so I know how much I need to save workout 🙂


Do you reward yourself for working out?

What do you do?



10 thoughts on “Work Out Jar

  1. This is such a cute idea, I love it!! Haha I think I would have to STOP buying workout gear in order to motivate myself to save, but I LOVE the idea. It’s a good reward system for working hard 🙂

    I just discovered your blog- I love it!! I also loved the story of how you and your husband got together, very cute 🙂 Looking forward to more of the blog!

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