Fitting in a Workout when Working

Each week I try to plan my workouts for the week. As a single parent (for only a few more week – woohoo) I need to plan ahead. Working out for me is a little “me time” – my time to take care of myself.

Today was my day to run at lunch. If I didn’t get this run in at lunch time I would not get it done in the evening. We are going away to Prince Edward Island this weekend to see Sai; Lilly and I can’t wait to see him. Because we are going away, tonight will be spent packing, doing laundry, cleaning up the house so that when I get back after our weekend trip I will have very little to do.

At lunch, I got my gear on and went out. A warm day of +3 c and a grey sky. I haven’t run in a few weeks as I was sick and just couldn’t manage a run with Lilly. I kept dodging pot holes, puddles and uneven ground. I felt my run wasn’t going to be the best but at least I was going out and doing something.

I took my blackberry with me on my run so I could keep track of time and just in case the sitter called about Lilly. I would feel horrible if something happened to her and I wasn’t available. This is not my picture because apparently I didn’t “SAVE” the picture on my blackberry….urgh. Anyway, just an example of what I was up against.

If Lilly was with me we probably would have done this to the puddles:

I am all about experiential learning!

Picture found on Google.

Running at lunch is sometimes the only way I can in my work out. We dont’ have showers at work (ahhh!) – let’s not even go there – that’s a whole other conversation. At least I have wet wipes and a change of cloths …. unlike today I left one important item behind …. dam going commando …. but at least I fit in my run, right!!!

How do you “fit in” your workouts when working?