10 Step Guide to Playing in the Snow with a Toddler

10 Step Guide to playing in the snow with a Toddler.

Step One: Watch tractor clear snow from inside house with Daddy:

Tractor; a.k.a. “cract or” by Lilly.


Step Two: Watch the snow plow from outside the house with Daddy.

Step Three: Assess the snow plow.

Step Four: Walk in Daddy’s foot steps (wait up Daddy).

Step Five: Follow me Daddy

(Meaning – I’ve got you wrapped around my finger).

Step Six: Hold my hand.

Step Seven: Successfully pick up snow ball!

Step Eight: Making toddler tracks in snow.

Step Nine: Size up the snow bank.

Step Ten: Take picture with photographer, a.k.a. Mommy.

Then, take a nap!!!!