Toddler Talk

It’s been really amazing to watch our daughter grown and develop over the last 20 months. In the summer she learned how to sign the word “more” after months of showing it to her. This fall she started to say a few more words and then around 18 months her vocabulary  seemed to triple over night. We were kinda shocked as she’s our first and have no idea what to expect….ever!

She even said her first swear word – whoops!

The last two months her vocabulary has grown again. She will now copy and repeat what you are saying. This is good and bad I am learning.

Each night we say good night (night night) to the alphabet that is plastered around her room on single pieces of paper. A is for Armadillo, B for Bear, C for Camel etc. To my surprise one night she said Camel, another night she said Porcupine – or more like “pork pine”. She now can say Sheep and Turtle. Every day I am amazed at what she says, repeats and attempts to say. Tonight it was Octopus  and Dolphin while playing in the bath.

She is also getting into multiple words: hold it; eat it, I love you – “laahh ou”. What’s also fun is when I ask her a question and she say’s “no” and shakes her head; “yes” and shakes her head yes. The sitter mentioned Lilly is saying “okay” a lot. While taking a bath tonight I asked Lilly if she was going to learn how to pee on the potty … she looked at me and said “ohhh kaaay”.

Today I came across a blog or tweet that mentioned “25 words your toddler likely knows”.  Since I can’t find the actual blog that posted the link, I just googled the topic and learned that it’s everywhere!! Of course!

A list was compiled of the 25 most commonly used words and expressions by children at age 2:

  • mommy
  • daddy
  • baby
  • milk
  • juice
  • hi/hello
  • ball
  • no
  • yes
  • dog
  • cat
  • nose
  • eye
  • banana
  • cookie
  • car
  • hot
  • thank you
  • bath
  • shoe
  • hat
  • book
  • all gone
  • bye bye
  • more

After reading the list I realize that Lilly can say all of these and more. Thank you is more “thanks” but she still attempts to say it.

Everyday this little person amazes me (and her father). I’m just loving this part of being a parent and look forward to many more of these moments along the road of parenting our daughter.

What does your little one do to amaze you?