Screen time and my social media

My mother and I were chatting the other day about how my different my daughter’s life will be compared to both of ours growing up. My mother got her first T.V. when she was 8 and that was in black and white. I on the other hand had a T.V. in the house my whole life. We were not allowed a T.V. in our rooms until we were teenagers but were limited to basic cable – I wasn’t really happy about that then but now …. I sure am thankful. 


Another thing we didn’t have growing up was a Nintendo or in today’s world Wii, PSP etc. We would rent one every so often – on a rainy day – and would have hours of fun. We’d pack it up and return it a few days later – no problems, no tears, just something we would do. I am even more thankful that my parents never bought us a gaming system. I surely would not be the person I am today if they did. We played outside all hours of the day, biking to friends house, soccer games, playing IN the woods, “capture the flag” in our neighbours yards in the black of night.


My 9-5 job is about getting the inactive active! Crazy thought, eh! With the amount of screen time that not only children and youth are getting (up to 6 -7 hours a week day and more on the weekends), it’s no wonder why we have children and youth who are overweight, OBESE and not healthy.  Children just don’t play as much …. ADULTS don’t play as much these days either.

With the growing social media sites online it’s no wonder that we are becoming a society that is seen as lazy and inactive.

I started this blog for a few different reasons but at the same time I really try to limit my screen time. Screen time for me is computer at work when in the office and a little at home, very little T.V. because I simply don’t have the time, Blackberry for work which I don’t use for personal use after work hours. That’s about it.

Bloggers want to get their word out there, followers added to their list, likes and comments on their posts. Yes, I fall into that category. Recently, I’ve been looking at ways to “promote” my blog and I’ve decided to keep it simple. Why ? Because I simply do not have time to manage multiple social media sites, write blog posts, maintain my family lifestyle as a single parent (for another 2-3 weeks), work full time, workout, spend time with friends/toddler friends, participate in community events, go to the market…. the list could go on. Lots of people do have the time … and I follow them but for me it’s about keeping it simple for me.

For those bloggers and Twitter folks who follow me, Facebook fans who “like” me – Thank you.

I’m going to keep it simple so I can keep active and limit my screen time.

What do you do to promote your blog? What’s your limit?

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Keeping it Simple.