Running – which race should I run

The last running event I participated in was the Valley Harvest Marathon in Wolfville last October (2011). Fitting in races over the last seven months has not been a big priority.  Probably because of the logistics of the whole thing:  paying fees, finding a sitter for our daughter, traveling and trying to maintain a balance between home and work – it just wasn’t an easy thing to do, that’s why I only ran one race during Thanksgiving weekend.

I’ve run the Valley Harvest twice:

  • Once in 2010 – 4 months after Lilly was born, I ran the 10km. It was extremely windy but my goal was to run it under 1:15. I  started training 2 months prior and was nursing Lilly; I ran when I could, which was 2-3 times a week. I finished at 1:12:32, under my goal but not a great time for me – and that’s okay. My best 10 k was 1:02.

481 986 Anna Sherwood Coldbrook NS CA F 113/129 F3039 1:12:53 1:12:32 7:16

October 2010
Lilly 4 months old

Sign made by my Mommy friends who came out to cheer me on!

  • In 2011 I ran the 5k because I knew going back to work and having my husband away at school (in PEI) that I could only rely on limited training – 34:54 minutes – yikes! Again not a good time for me but at least I didn’t sit on my but that day. My best 5 k was 29:16.

239 1973 Anna Sherwood Coldbrook NS CA 47/77 F3039 34:54 34:45 6:57

A few other races I’ve done:

  • 2006 Bluenose Marathon: 1/2 Marathon on May 21st, 2006 (before I was married). My goal was 2:30 minutes and I managed 2:33:56!
  • 2005 Bluenose Marathon – 10km


  • HBC Canada Day 10km (1:05)
  • Run for the Cure 5km multiple times but in 2004 I ran 29:16 – my best time.

This year I wasn’t sure what to sign up for but am now feeling like I need to sign up for something.  I like to set goals and I thought I should do so here.  If you write them down, your more likely to meet them.

So, a few run I plan on signing up for (and will blog about):

  • Greenwood 5k April 22nd
  • Bluenose Marathon May 20th.  UP Citadel hill ….I dunno about that … I’ve done it many times before and it wasn’t what I would call fun but a great hill to “train” on.
  • Sole Sisters Dartmouth Crossing (Any run with chocolate involved is my kind of run).
  • Maritime Race Sept 15th  First year, pirates can rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrun, right?
  • Valley Harvest Marathon 5 or 10 k, that IS the question.
Goal #1: Spring – focus on 5k’s and aim for personal best of under 29:16.
Goal #2: Fall – focus on 10k’s and aim for personal best of under 60 minutes.

That’s it!

I’ve said it.

I’ve written it down.

AND I made it public.

Can’t look back now.

Happy Running!

Wish me luck!

What races are you going to do? (Running or Walking)

Note: I was not paid or asked to write about any of these events.