Running – which race should I run

The last running event I participated in was the Valley Harvest Marathon in Wolfville last October (2011). Fitting in races over the last seven months has not been a big priority.  Probably because of the logistics of the whole thing:  paying fees, finding a sitter for our daughter, traveling and trying to maintain a balance between home and work – it just wasn’t an easy thing to do, that’s why I only ran one race during Thanksgiving weekend.

I’ve run the Valley Harvest twice:

  • Once in 2010 – 4 months after Lilly was born, I ran the 10km. It was extremely windy but my goal was to run it under 1:15. I  started training 2 months prior and was nursing Lilly; I ran when I could, which was 2-3 times a week. I finished at 1:12:32, under my goal but not a great time for me – and that’s okay. My best 10 k was 1:02.

481 986 Anna Sherwood Coldbrook NS CA F 113/129 F3039 1:12:53 1:12:32 7:16

October 2010
Lilly 4 months old

Sign made by my Mommy friends who came out to cheer me on!

  • In 2011 I ran the 5k because I knew going back to work and having my husband away at school (in PEI) that I could only rely on limited training – 34:54 minutes – yikes! Again not a good time for me but at least I didn’t sit on my but that day. My best 5 k was 29:16.

239 1973 Anna Sherwood Coldbrook NS CA 47/77 F3039 34:54 34:45 6:57

A few other races I’ve done:

  • 2006 Bluenose Marathon: 1/2 Marathon on May 21st, 2006 (before I was married). My goal was 2:30 minutes and I managed 2:33:56!
  • 2005 Bluenose Marathon – 10km


  • HBC Canada Day 10km (1:05)
  • Run for the Cure 5km multiple times but in 2004 I ran 29:16 – my best time.

This year I wasn’t sure what to sign up for but am now feeling like I need to sign up for something.  I like to set goals and I thought I should do so here.  If you write them down, your more likely to meet them.

So, a few run I plan on signing up for (and will blog about):

  • Greenwood 5k April 22nd
  • Bluenose Marathon May 20th.  UP Citadel hill ….I dunno about that … I’ve done it many times before and it wasn’t what I would call fun but a great hill to “train” on.
  • Sole Sisters Dartmouth Crossing (Any run with chocolate involved is my kind of run).
  • Maritime Race Sept 15th  First year, pirates can rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrun, right?
  • Valley Harvest Marathon 5 or 10 k, that IS the question.
Goal #1: Spring – focus on 5k’s and aim for personal best of under 29:16.
Goal #2: Fall – focus on 10k’s and aim for personal best of under 60 minutes.

That’s it!

I’ve said it.

I’ve written it down.

AND I made it public.

Can’t look back now.

Happy Running!

Wish me luck!

What races are you going to do? (Running or Walking)

Note: I was not paid or asked to write about any of these events.

10 thoughts on “Running – which race should I run

  1. I’ve been considering for quite some time (over a year?) doing a triathlon. I think I’m finally going to sign up and commit to training for one but I’m on a hunt for a nice BEGINNERS tri…aka short distances, especially for the swim, and a swim that’s in a pool! One step at a time…

    • Good for you! I’m not sure if I see a Triathlon in my future. But then again, I said I would never run a 1/2 marathon and that’s been done and I want to do another!
      It’s great that they have Try-a-Tri’s … such a great way for those to get into the sport and find out if they like it.
      Good luck Jamie, can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. I’ve finally chosen my first marathon!! I’m going to do it at the Fiddler’s Run this year – there’s a new point-to-point course for the half and full marathon and it’s going to be a gorgeous run. Hopefully this will distract me from thinking too much about how painful I’m sure it will be 😛 I’m also going to do a half at Johnny Miles and this time I WILL do it in under 2 hours!!!

    • Jenn,
      September should be a perfect time for such a run.
      Good Luck! I’ve never made it to the Fiddlers Run but may put that on my list at some point. It would be pretty neat to participating in all Marathons (be it 5k, 10k, 1/2 or full marathon) in Nova Scotia over a number of year, of course!
      I’ve always wanted to do Johnny Miles.

      Have you ever done Not Since Moses ? That’s on my list too.

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