Oh Gym Bag

Oh Gym Bag, how I could have used you today.

You do not exist in my world.

Why, because one day you decided to break down and fall apart (Soccer bag).

And then I never replaced you.


Because reusable bags came along.

Because I had a baby and was home for a year.

Because I went back to work and reusable bags became my staple.

Because … I forgot about you since you fell apart on me.

Sorry about that!

My mistake.

I realized today when I went for a run that you where no longer in my life and how I missed you.

Which means….it’s time to find a new Gym Bag.

Now, Gym Bag, we won’t hit the gym, simple because I cannot make it to the gym.

But you will come to work with me when I choose to run that day during my lunch break.

And you may even double as a diaper bag! Yes, you will have room for Lilly’s cloth diapers.  This Momma gotsta be active with her wee one in tote (not in the bag but you know).

This PC reusable bag is great…just not for a Gym Bag – I forgot my deodorant, had to empty it completely to find my running socks and then you doubled as a purse when I put my wallet in. I’m sorry reusable bag – sweaty clothing should not be placed in you.

I need a bag with compartments, a place for my runners, for a small section for Lilly’s cloth diaper, my wallet, water bottle holder and a place to hide a little snack. MAYBE even a spot for a yoga matt! Or should I get a separate carrier bag for that – please don’t feel jealous Gym Bag if I choose to do so.

Gym bag, will you promise to:

  • keep my stuff in one spot so I don’t have to purchase new deodorant each time I work out.
  • have clean cloths to change into, unlike the day I tried to “fit in a workout at work“.
  • not be judgemental when I pack clothing for Zumba or a bathing suit, instead of running gear.
  • keep me organized so I don’t forget my runners at home (not fun to run in heals).

Gym bag, we will reunite …. soon! I promise.

Until then, reusable bag – you have a lot to live up to!

What’s in your Gym (workout) Bag?

What’s your favourite Gym Bag?

Motivation Monday #9

Motivation Monday


March 12th 2012

Would have been my grandmother’s birthday.

Hummm, I wonder what she would think of this blog?


I went to a Yoga Flow class last Friday …. and it was GREAT.

I hurt so much the next day in my arms – that felt great too!

My sister pinned this on Pinterest and I thought, humm…that’s me.

Yoga challenged me last Friday.

And I  am hooked on Yoga again, broke down and bought Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.

I should just buy some shares in JM’s DVDs 🙂