Where did our playgrounds go?

When I was a child my playground was my backyard, my neighbour’s back yard, the little patch of forest down the road, and soccer fields.

What has happened to our playgrounds?

Well, they’ve gone inside.

Screen Time is the new “playground” for kids today.

My husband and I have decided that we will more than likely never own gaming systems. That’s not to say we can’t rent them or borrow them for a special day. But we will not own them.

Screen Time is taking over our children’s outside play time and I just don’t like the idea of that (yes, this is my opinion).

I’ve mentioned in a previous post here that our daughter is going to grow up with such a different lifestyle then us because of all the new screen time devices and social media sites. But I will make sure that her playground remains outside in nature. She will know what lichen is, how to play hopscotch, skin her knees if she falls, get fresh air and get her nails dirty.

Our playground will be our back yard, the park down the road, the trails across the highway, the ocean and lakes that surround us, our Provincial and National Parks.

What was your “playground” as a child?

What IS your “playground” like for your children today?

Picture – found on Facebook a while back and recently posted on a friends page and that made me want to blog about it.