Where did our playgrounds go?

When I was a child my playground was my backyard, my neighbour’s back yard, the little patch of forest down the road, and soccer fields.

What has happened to our playgrounds?

Well, they’ve gone inside.

Screen Time is the new “playground” for kids today.

My husband and I have decided that we will more than likely never own gaming systems. That’s not to say we can’t rent them or borrow them for a special day. But we will not own them.

Screen Time is taking over our children’s outside play time and I just don’t like the idea of that (yes, this is my opinion).

I’ve mentioned in a previous post here that our daughter is going to grow up with such a different lifestyle then us because of all the new screen time devices and social media sites. But I will make sure that her playground remains outside in nature. She will know what lichen is, how to play hopscotch, skin her knees if she falls, get fresh air and get her nails dirty.

Our playground will be our back yard, the park down the road, the trails across the highway, the ocean and lakes that surround us, our Provincial and National Parks.

What was your “playground” as a child?

What IS your “playground” like for your children today?

Picture – found on Facebook a while back and recently posted on a friends page and that made me want to blog about it.

7 thoughts on “Where did our playgrounds go?

  1. It’s tricky because it’s SO hard to avoid technology now. It’s all around us and it’s not going to go away. Our 4year old is a master at Angry Birds and can navigate quite easily around YouTube. He still prefers to be outside though, and like you, we will encourage that as long as we can. It takes a lot of work on the part of the parents, but well worth it in the end :). Great post, Anna!

    • Your right, it IS hard to avoid it. Lilly was playing with her aunt’s IPod today, flipping through the pictures and loving it. And that’s fine. I only have a blackberry for work so she can’t “play” with that. Parenting…so many challenges, so much fun 🙂

  2. I will share my kids playground. Head over to my site and look at yesterdays post. Check out the picture of our backyard and if you have a few read the story. Ewwww…. you may buy your kids an ipod! Just kidding. I have three boys and when they were very small I envisioned a home without TV, children sitting in corners snuggled up to books and wearing cute little glasses. Then the whole world happens. Mine would rather be outside but all have ipods. We have two sayings since they were about two, “Turn off the electronics before the mashed potato brains set in” and “Get outside and blow off the stink.” As long as your an engaged parent that teaches them the importance of moderation they will be fine. The fact that you are a mom that is concerned before it happens tells me it wont. 😉

    • I agree about being an engaged parent and moderation of technology. Thanks for commenting. It’s always great to hear other parent’s thoughts.

  3. I agree with you! I remember as a kid eating breakfast & then running out the door to “explore” in the woods behind our house or hop on the bike & come home just in time for dinner. I loved doing so many things – exploring so many things as a kid. I wonder this myself. My Son, Natie is only two, but we make a point to get out as much as we can. Especially now with the weather getting nicer – the park is our favorite spot. Love chasing him around & teaching him about his surroundings. Heck – we both sleep better at night after a fun day outside! 🙂

  4. I’m totally with you! My parents were very strict with me about tv (only on Saturday and
    Sunday before 10am) and computer (1hr per weekend day of non-schoolwork if I remember correctly) and I am SO thankful for that! In doing so, the encouraged me to discover other interests at a young age such as cooking, crafting, and exploring the outdoors that have shaped the person I am today.

    It makes me so happy to hear that you are taking a similar approach with your own daughter and I definitely plan to do the same down the road when I have children!

  5. I, too, wish I was better at this. My kid watches too much YouTube and plays with iPad far too much. But, he loves being outside and building “forts” in our basement. The problem is ME. I am usually too lazy to encourage trips outside, walks, adventures. I am the one ruining him!!! Ugh!!!!!

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