Nothing but Sunshine and Freckles

It’s been absolutely beautiful in Nova Scotia the last few days.

We got up to 25 C in the Valley. This was a sandals and summer shirt kind of day. Bye bye socks!

I had to drive over to Chester for a full day meeting with some pretty cool Recreation and Physical Activity Practitioners.

I dropped Lilly off at the sitters and proceeded to start my trip across the Province. I drove from Annapolis Valley – actually the “al” in Valley across to Chester – about 50 minutes.

As I was doing so, I was stuck behind a school bus that was turning left (as was I). I put up my visor and saw two boys in the back of the bus. One boy looked at me and stuck out his tongue! All I could do was laugh at him but he didn’t think that was funny.

It was hard to be inside when this was the view we had behind us:

Oak Island (Chester)

Signs we have moved into Spring in Nova Scotia:

  1. Ducks swimming on a pond (one which I was dying to jump in).
  2. Motor bikes on the highway.
  3. Ride-on lawn mowers out in full force.
  4. Runners everywhere.
  5. Kids on Bicycles.
  6. Everyone wearing t-shirts and shorts.
  7. Playing outside after dinner in t-shirt and shorts on all three of us.
  8. BBQing dinner we ate tonight (this must be a record for us).
  9. Realizing we only have wellies and winter boots for our daughter – whoops!
  10. Freckles popping out.

Are you having spring like temperatures? 

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