Nee-naw goes the Fire Truck

Lilly and I had the opportunity to go see Sai at the fire hall where he is a volunteer fire fighter.

We took a little tour of the trucks.

We have a toy fire truck at home that Lilly plays with all the time. She loves the noises it makes. A while back she learned how to say “nee naw, nee naw, nee naw” – yes that was the sound a fire truck makes 🙂

When we got to the fire hall she looked at the trucks and smiled but was a little hesitant to go touch the trucks.

Checking out Daddy’s helmet.

Lilly’s helmet 🙂

My husband walked her around the 4 trucks in the bay and the proceeded to open ALL the doors on the truck so she could check it out. (It was really cute).

Lilly looking in the “mirror”.

Towards the end, he put her in the driver’s seat and she didn’t want to get out!

Fun trip to see the “nee-naw” fire truck and Daddy!

7 thoughts on “Nee-naw goes the Fire Truck

  1. Seriously, this is cutest kid ever!!! I love the one where she is looking at the firetruck and her reflection is showing. Heck, who am I kidding? I LOVE THEM ALL! Sai looks he is having a great time showing off his trucks!! 🙂

  2. Your little girl is adorable, she looks so happy on her big adventure!

    We have a fire station a few blocks away, and we’ve been lucky enough that they invite the kids and I in for a peek occasionally during our neighborhood walks. It floors me that no matter how many times we’ve been there, Chris and Emma are always in awe as they explore that garage.

    There seriously might be nothing more exciting to a small child than getting up close with a shiny red fire truck.

    • Oh thank you! She did have lots of fun!
      It’s fun to see through a child’s eyes – fire trucks are so amazing to her and I get to re-live that all over again!
      Cheers, Anna.

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