Unprepared for Warm Weather

Nova Scotia has been having some “unseasonal” temperatures the last week and a bit. We were not ready for the highs of +25 C as mentioned in Nothing but Sunshine and Freckles.

This is what happens when you are not ready for warm weather in March (in Nova Scotia).

That sure is a lot of colour, eh!

With it being winter, all we had were Wellies, Winter boots and these black dress shoes.

Lilly had worn the t-shirt with a pair of brown pants to the sitters but it was way to hot for the pants.

These orange, flowered shorts were the only shorts in her current size that we had on hand!

We spent this weekend picking up a few pairs of shorts and summer shoes/sneakers.

At least this year she likes her hand-made sun hat 🙂

(not made by me)

It’s been cooler weather the last few days, so we haven’t had to worry about T-shirts and Shorts.

But now we are prepared for warm weather – whenever it may hit us again expectantly.

For those experiencing warmer weather, have you been ready for it?

Did you have to DIG out your shorts or sandals like we did?

One thought on “Unprepared for Warm Weather

  1. Thankfully, we were moving when the warm weather hit so it was an easy transition from winter to summer clothes but YES I still had to dig for sandals! Enjoy and I hope warm weather comes back to you!

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