Fitness Loves Of the Week #FLOW

This week my workouts have been put on the back burner since I’ve been so sick. But my workouts were in my thoughts as I struggled with my decision to workout when sick. It was such a hard decision but I am so glad I did.

Last night, just as I thought I was feeling better, I got ready for a light workout and this nasty head cold hit me hard and I was side lined on the couch. I have strep throat, my daughter has an ear infection and my poor husband (who is feeling a bit better) has both – yikes! At least I am able to take the dog out for a walk and get some fresh air.

I’m going to participate in the Fitness Loves Of The Week! Starting today, any hopefully every Friday I’ll write about Fitness; workouts, my week’s workouts and maybe even a few resources for you to try out!

In Sweetness and In Health


I am looking to beef up my workout since my husband is now home after 7 months of being away. I can now afford a little more time to work out at night – more than 20-30 minutes. So, I am going to start to incorporate the “Drop 10 SELF Magazine Challenge”. Not because I want to drop 10 pounds – but that’s always a bonus. But because I want to beef up workouts and make them a little more challenging.  Plus the Tone It Up girls (Katrina and Karena) are leading the way.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Go get active.

Piper’s Run (Anna).

PS – Stay tuned for a little tasty giveaway on Sunday:)

2 thoughts on “Fitness Loves Of the Week #FLOW

    • Looking forward to committing to FLOW – it’s a good way to be accountable to writing about my workouts. This blog tends to go from workouts to toddler adventures and a little food in there too 🙂
      Thanks for checking out my blog.
      Cheers, Anna

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