Workouts for the week #flow

Today is WORLD PHYSICAL ACTIVITY DAY (April 6th 2012)!!!! 

Since today is World Physical Activity Day, that’s the field I work in and I am personally passionate about being active – it’s fitting that I post my #FLOW Fitness Loves of The Week.

This is what my weekly workout looked liked: (I set my workout goals every week and track them)


  • Ran 16 minutes Distance: 1.61 miles (had my husband’s Garmin on – might have fallen in love with it).
  • Plank Challenge: 35 seconds
  • SELF Magazine – DROP 10 Challenge (page 89/90 in April 2012) – Started off good and then got a little challenging.


  • Plank Challenge: 35 seconds
  • 20 minute walk with our dog
  • Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 (It was a terrible workout that included a 30 second plank) At least I did something.
  • Rest Day; as I worked all day and in the evening too 😦
  • Ran 18 minutes outside (cold and windy)
  • Plank Challenge: 60 seconds (goal was 45 seconds but the decided to keep going!)
  • Walked around the Zoo with a toddler for 1.5 hours.
  • DVD Yoga Workout: 30 minutes
  • Plank Challenge: 60 seconds
  • Rest Day (I’ll be driving to Halifax to spend Easter with my family).
Plank Challenge found on Pinterest (of course). Original source is from JustKeep Running. I have modified the numbers as I was already doing 30 second planks from the Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD. Last Sunday I started at 35 seconds and going from there – I’ll post about it next week in detail.
Work Out Jar:
Back in February, I wrote about my Work Out Jar and how I put money ($2) in it each time I work out. It was a way to motivate myself, stay focused on my work out goals each week and then reward myself a little later on. Well, after about 2 months of working out 3-5 days a week, I now have $61 in the jar. (Well, out of the jar in the below picture).
I’ve decided since I am “beefing” up my workouts that I will now start (beefing up) putting in $1 per 10 minute work out. So, if I walk during my lunch break for 20 minutes, then do a 20 minute DVD workout at home that night, plus the Drop 10 & Plank challenge (roughly 15-20 minutes) – I can put between $4 – $6 in the jar for one day’s workout!
Looks like those new runners are going to be here before we know it!!!!
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What are you doing today to be active?

Getting active with your family ?

Going for that long run?

Go Get Active!

2 thoughts on “Workouts for the week #flow

  1. How did I not know that it was world physical activity day?? That’s awesome! And it looks like you got in some great workouts. Nice job on the 60 second plank! I love it when I’m able to keep going on a plank longer than I planned to. Have a great weekend!

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