A to Z about Piper’s Run

Piper’s Run, A to Zee – Get to know me.

I thought this would be a great time to post this A to Z survey that I saw recently on a blog I follow,  It’s Progression Not Perfection. So, a little about me, Piper’s Run…a.k.a. Anna, Mom, Wife, Runner/Workout etc….

A is for age: 31 (until July) and I’m okay with that number.

B is for breakfast today: 
Coconut Yogurt, Blueberries and Love Grown Granola (sweet cranberry coconut pecan)

C is for currently craving: 
D is for dinner tonight: 
Home made Quesadilla’s (salsa, black beans, whole wheat wrap, cheese and chicken)

E is for favorite type of exercise:
Soccer, Running, Jillian Michael’s DVD workouts (in that order) and more recently my Plank Challenge – well that might not be my favourite – but it’s fun trying to beat my last time.

F is for an irrational fear: Of Spiders – oh man I can’t stand to see a spider. Now, I won’t kill them (anymore) but I really really don’t like them. When I was a kid, I had nightmares from the “Arachnophobia” movie preview on TV …didn’t even watch the movie but the previews got me.

G is for gross food: 
Raw onions. Cooked, I’m okay with …. like french onion soup, chili or mushrooms and onions. But I can’t do them raw – yuck.

H is for hometown:
Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)

I is for something important: Daily Physical Activity is important to me. I try to be active every day; whether that’s a walk with our dog, playing outside with our daughter, running or another high intensity activity. Being active daily is important to me.

J is for current favorite jam: Big fan of Raspberry Jam WITH the seeds. Yum yum! OR Jam – as in music – right now, anything that get’s me moving or dancing with our little one.

K is for kids: 1 daughterLilly, who will be 2 this summer.

L is for current location: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia; or in my kitchen typing away at our computer.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Groceries: milk, banana’s, and treats for my April foodie penpal!

N is for something you need: New runners – mine are hurting. I can’t even comment on how many kilometers are on them – its way beyond embarrassing.

O is for occupation: I am a Regional Physical Activity Coordinator with the Province of Nova Scotia. I work with community groups, organizations, clubs and schools etc to increase physical activity at the community level; early years to seniors.

P is for pet peeve: When a smoker doesn’t respect non-smokers. ie: smoking outside office windows, blowing smoke in your face, or you use a public washroom after a smoker has just use it – and they just had a smoke, YUCK!

Q is for a quote:”A day in the mountains is worth a mountain of books” John Muir. I actually have a quote book where I write down quotes I like or would like to share with others. But “a day in the mountains..” is one of my top favourite quotes.

R is for random fact about you: I’m peppered in freckles 🙂 When I was a child, a friends mom said to me “Your parents put you in front of a screen door and threw mud at you – that’s why you have freckles”. We both laughed at the time …. and I still can now at that comment. She passed away in a car accident a number of years ago and I truly appreciated her in my life and everything she did for me as a child. I am proud to have those muddy freckles.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Coconut Yogurt and Blueberries

T is for favorite treat:
Cold Junior Mints (I usually keep a box in my fridge and eat a few here and there – they last for days this way).

U is for something that makes you unique: I have a retired sled dog named Maclean – she used to pull sleds for Outward Bound in Ontario. I guess that is unique ?!?!?

V is for favorite vegetable: Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes

W is for today’s workout: 

  • Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, Level 1.
  • Plank Challenge:  1.5 minutes.
NOTE: I haven’t done Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred in 8 months – it was a nice change; found the cardio not so challenging but focused on proper form. Plank Challenge -first time at 1.5 minutes: oh man my arms are wobbly as I finish writing this post.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:
There are so many….hummm. Wrist, Knee, Ankle and Back.  All were soccer related injuries!

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Spending Easter Sunday with most of my family.

Z is for your time zone: Atlantic Time Zone (East Coast Canada – woot woot)!

Now, it’s your time to share in the comments below:

P – for Pet peeve?

S – Favourite Healthy Snack ?

W – today’s workout ?