Working Out on the Road #flow

This week I wasn’t quite motivated to work out!

Crazy, I know. But we all have those days…and that’s okay.

I just felt busy. Busy at work, busy with Lilly/Sai, busy with stuff at the house.

However, I thought about this motivation monday piece: Someone who is busier then you is running right now.

In Sweetness and In Health

April 8th – April 14th workouts:

Sunday: Easter Sunday spent with family and then traveling in the car – no workout.


  • Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD Level 1 – I haven’t done level 1 in about 8 months, so it was a nice change.
  • 1.5 minute plank challenge (wobbly arms – oh yeah)


  • 1.5 minute plank challenge (wobble arms before full body and yoga flex workouts)
  • 10 minute trainer (tony horton) Full Body Workout
  • 10 minute trainer (tony horton) Yoga Flex

Wednesday: Rest Day (just wasn’t feeling the work out)

Thursday: On the road for work over night (Workshop on “Points of Convergence for Sport and Physical Activity: Attracting and retaining recreational participants – throughout the life span – in community sport”!!!!!!!!!)

  • 1.5 minute plank challenge – at 10 pm at night – what am I thinking?
I had this small empty room in my hotel room – so I used it to stretch and plank challenge.
Didn’t bring my yoga mat, so I used a towel instead.

Friday: still at hotel

  • Hit the hotel Gym at 6:30am (Again, what am I thinking, I NEVER workout this early in the morning) elliptical for 5 minute warm up and then 15 minute run and cool down.
  • 1.5 Plank challenge before breakfast.
My timer for plank challenges:


  • Planning on a DVD while Lilly naps or in the evening once she is asleep.

What do your work out plans look like from this past week?

How do you fit in your workout’s while on the road?