So bad for you….but we still indulge

I’ve recently come across a few of these “educational” (for lack of a better word) pictures about bad foods we eat on Pinterest.  I haven’t in the past posted about what people should eat or not eat but I wanted to share these.

I will admit, I indulge in both of these bad foods: Pop and Sugar on occasion.

I could never give up Jr. Mints, as you may have learned in my A to Z post recently, that they are my favourite treat. But I can give up on all other chocolate and sugar treats in my life. I gave up drinking pop a few years ago, but still indulge on special occasions OR sometimes when eating out at a restaurant, which is not that often.

I know the health effects of these two “bad foods”, so I limit. I also limit how much sugar my picky little eater (Lilly) gets. Sometimes I think our sitter thinks I am a crazy parent for not allowing her cake or sugary treats. But really does a 1-year-old or 22 month old need sugar to make them grow and develop – NOPE, they sure don’t!

So take a look at the pictures and make your own healthy choice:



And don’t forget to get active. 

Do you indulge in Pop and Sugar Treats?

Or do you avoid them 100% ?