So bad for you….but we still indulge

I’ve recently come across a few of these “educational” (for lack of a better word) pictures about bad foods we eat on Pinterest.  I haven’t in the past posted about what people should eat or not eat but I wanted to share these.

I will admit, I indulge in both of these bad foods: Pop and Sugar on occasion.

I could never give up Jr. Mints, as you may have learned in my A to Z post recently, that they are my favourite treat. But I can give up on all other chocolate and sugar treats in my life. I gave up drinking pop a few years ago, but still indulge on special occasions OR sometimes when eating out at a restaurant, which is not that often.

I know the health effects of these two “bad foods”, so I limit. I also limit how much sugar my picky little eater (Lilly) gets. Sometimes I think our sitter thinks I am a crazy parent for not allowing her cake or sugary treats. But really does a 1-year-old or 22 month old need sugar to make them grow and develop – NOPE, they sure don’t!

So take a look at the pictures and make your own healthy choice:



And don’t forget to get active. 

Do you indulge in Pop and Sugar Treats?

Or do you avoid them 100% ?


11 thoughts on “So bad for you….but we still indulge

  1. Great diagrams–infographics are so effective for conveying this sort of info! What I find the most fascinating is how artificially sweetened products effect us, seeing as they are marketed as a diet saver.
    I don’t really eat poptarts/cakes/etc or drink soda simply because i don’t like them. However, I DO eat ice-cream when I want it. In the summer that’s quite often!

  2. I drink diet sodas, but artificial sweeteners are probably just as bad for me. The diagrams are filled with some amazing (and disturbing) information.

    (visiting via Blogger Comment Club)

  3. Last year when I decided to start eliminating processed foods from my diet I found out that sugar is hidden in a lot of products. It really shocked me how much sugar we consume even when not eating something sweet. While I do indulge in sweets more than I should, I have really reduced my soda intake. I used to drink several diet sodas a day. Now I might have one regular soda a week. I know, too much sugar but those artificial sweeteners were killing me…

    I found your blog through the blogger comment club- thanks for letting me visit.

  4. Great diagrams! I SO have a sweet tooth and always crave a sweet around 9pm every night. However, I try my best to limit sweets for my children. It was way easier with my older son than it is with my little one since he copys big bro.Btw, I liked you on FB as my page and as myself 🙂

  5. I do not have a sweet tooth and haven’t had soft drinks in years. However, I realize by the charts how much hidden sugar I consume in such things as peanut butter. I love peanut butter. This is probably why even though I exercise 5-6 times a week I fail to lose the pounds.

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