It’s official, I signed up for…..

Two 5k races this spring 🙂

I’ve mentioned before in this post that I am focusing on running 5k’s this spring and will bump it up to 10k’s in the fall. I’ve been running off and on, working out (DVD’s) and committed to my plank challenge (why, oh, why did I do that, I’ll never know).

I was on the fence about the first race – Bluenose Marathon 5k. Why? Well, just because I wasn’t quite motivated to sign up until a friend wrote me a few weeks ago. AND, I didn’t want to run up Citadel Hill!

We went to high school together and she’s been following my blog. She wrote one day to say that she started running 4 days a week (and she has two little ones). She asked if I would run with her if I was signing up. As soon as I read the email, I knew I had already committed to signing up and running with her. BUT, it still took me a few days to actually sign up.

At last….I’m registered and pumped to run with her, in what I believe will be her first race. VERY EXCITING!

The second race, I had mentally committed to a month or so ago. Another friend and I talked about running Sole Sisters Race 5k for women. We took a look at the route, the schedule of events and decided to make a weekend out of it as we both live far away from one another (roughly 5 hours). PLUS, they have a CHOCOLATE station along the route – SERIOUSLY, they do!

So, Sunday May 21st – Bluenose Marathon 5km with Jenn. And, Saturday June 9th – Sole Sisters 5k Women’s Race with Kelly.

Looks like Lilly will get to spend some time with her Aunts/Uncle and Grandparents, as my husband will be on rotation during both race days  😦

What runs/walks/races have you signed up for this spring?

What runs/walks/races are you just waiting to sign up for – as in – put it off as long as you can?


7 thoughts on “It’s official, I signed up for…..

  1. Way to go! I recently signed for a 5K that involves doughnuts at the finishline, and a trail run 10K. Nervous about the 10K as it will be quite hilly! So jealous of your chocolate run!

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