Get Started workout for ya

Some days I am just unable to get out for a run or manage to put a DVD on and work out for 20-30 minutes so I find another way to get in some physical activity.

This is one that I’ve done before – it’s a GOOD challenge. Sometimes I modify it and only do 1/2. (I did not make this up, but found it on Pinterest a few months back and thought it was time to share the love).

Let me know if you try it and how you felt afterwards – like I said, it’s a GOOD one!

My last post was about eating protein after a workout – and no, I don’t believe the ICE CREAM I ate after my last workout was a good idea – but again, it was yummie!

Here is another picture (found on Pinterest) for a pre-workout snack:

And a post workout snack (from Pinterest By Blogilates) 

Do you eat before or after your workouts ?