Dear Daughter

Dear Lillian Mae a.k.a Lilly,

WOW, 2 whole year’s at being your Mother! And what an amazing 2 year’s it has been.

When you arrived 4 weeks early – you really shook us for a loop. I had finished work the Friday before and by Sunday night you decided instead of sharing a birthday with me, that you would arrive early. Your own month, your own day. It was a long week in the hospital with you, not knowing when we’d go home or if we’d get you to nurse/gain weight.

We struggled for a long time to get you to nurse. I’m pretty sure not too many Mama’s would keep trying at the 2 1/2 month mark. BUT, we got there in the end.

Each month you grew and continued to amaze us new parents.

Teething wasn’t fun. Still not sure I am excited about your 2nd year molars that are still to come in.

You flew to England at six months – something that took me 30 years to do!

You started crawling on the May long weekend, with both Daddy and I present.


Your first birthday was quite fun – chocolate cake and all!

Then you went to the sitters and I, to work each day. That was a hard week for Mommy but I eventually got over it.

You took your 3 first steps while skyping with your Nan in England, Daddy and I right there with you. A very special moment for us all.

We’ve had lots of laughs, cry’s and sleepless nights.

7 months without Daddy around as he was away at school in PEI and Maclean covering you in kisses.

Your running around lots, throwing balls everywhere, reading books with Daddy and just a complete joy in our lives.

In one month, you will turn 2! Don’t grow up too fast.

Thanks for making me a Mom!

Love you little girl.

XO Mommy.

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