I NEED New Runners – help!

As a runner, they recommend you get new sneakers (runners) every so many kilometers. A number of years ago, I managed to keep track of my km, races….my mileage on my runners. During the last few years and races – not so much.

My current runners are really bad. I’ve had them WAY to long.

Picture not taken yesterday….. 🙂

Seriously, I just noticed that I have two wholes in my runners. One on the left foot – large toe area and one on the right foot – small toe area. The tread is gone. I don’t even know if I can bring myself to show them to a sales person when I go to purchase my new runners. I may have to hang my head in shame.

Also, my feet grew a little when I was pregnant with Lilly. AND Yes, I know she is going to be 2 next month and YES, I am still wearing the SAME runners as I was then. Bad Anna…bad Anna, I know.

I need YOUR help.

What’s your favourite running sneaker ?  I want your recommendations.

I’m heading to the Running Room this weekend and hoping to score a new pair of runners.

Just unsure if I want to wear them during my 5k at the Bluenose Marathon on Sunday OR if I should just wear my current crappy runners.

Any thoughts?