I NEED New Runners – help!

As a runner, they recommend you get new sneakers (runners) every so many kilometers. A number of years ago, I managed to keep track of my km, races….my mileage on my runners. During the last few years and races – not so much.

My current runners are really bad. I’ve had them WAY to long.

Picture not taken yesterday….. 🙂

Seriously, I just noticed that I have two wholes in my runners. One on the left foot – large toe area and one on the right foot – small toe area. The tread is gone. I don’t even know if I can bring myself to show them to a sales person when I go to purchase my new runners. I may have to hang my head in shame.

Also, my feet grew a little when I was pregnant with Lilly. AND Yes, I know she is going to be 2 next month and YES, I am still wearing the SAME runners as I was then. Bad Anna…bad Anna, I know.

I need YOUR help.

What’s your favourite running sneaker ?  I want your recommendations.

I’m heading to the Running Room this weekend and hoping to score a new pair of runners.

Just unsure if I want to wear them during my 5k at the Bluenose Marathon on Sunday OR if I should just wear my current crappy runners.

Any thoughts?

9 thoughts on “I NEED New Runners – help!

  1. I really love the Nike Frees, they have been my favorites above many other runners. They are the perfect amount of minimal cushioning. If you’re getting new shoes this weekend it might be risky to wear them the next day:/ I’m running the half, I hope to see you there!

  2. I’m wearing new sneaks for the half marathon on Sunday. Might not be a great decision, but my old shoes need to be retired.

      • Thanks for asking! It’s going slowly, but I am progressing. Coming back from an injury takes a lot of time and can be quite frustrating! I finally got a mile in under 11:00 yesterday and was super thrilled. I’m SURE it was my new shoes. 🙂 I’m excited to be doing a 5K this Saturday, though I don’t know if I’ll be able to run the whole thing. The course is hilly, and I haven’t gotten my endurance back yet.

        • Good to hear. I am sure it will be nice to be out Saturday running. I am doing a 5k on Sunday and am sure i’ll be walking a bit as I haven’t had much time to get runs in lately…and that’s okay. It will be fun to be out with a bunch of runners and a great event.

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