To meal plan or not to meal plan

There are so many benefits to meal planning but some how I still haven’t manage to plan a full week’s meal for me, our toddler and my vegan husband.

Last night I was hungry after dinner, which isn’t really normal for me…but whatever. I decided to dig into some hummus and salsa with nachos. I devoured my little snack while my husband ate his dinner (Vegan burgers with salsa on a tasty bread).

Now this hummus and salsa was from a new store that just opened up called Pete’s.

Pete’s Frootique is a grocery store that carries local produce, meat and seafood,  gluten-free, vegan, a bakery, sweets and more importantly – The Best of Britain (yeah for my British husband). They even have a deli and catering – which is where I am going to lose most of my money I believe. There are two Pete’s Frootique stores in Halifax/Bedford and this new one in Wolfville – about 10 minutes from work and 20 minutes from home (can you see a problem here?)

Picture – Pete’s Frootique in Halifax.

Problem # 1 – It’s 10 minute away when I am at work – an easy drive for local, fresh & tasty food for lunch – very tempting.

Problem #2 – It’s 20 minutes away from home – not that big of  a deal – PLUS it’s a stone throw away from the Saturday Farmer’s Market that we go to.

Problem #3 – They carry the Best of Britain foods – Piccalilli, Marmite, Branston, Squash (Robinsons)…and so much more.










Back to my snack last night and trying to meal plan.

As I was eating my lunch I realised that I desperately wanted to eat hummus, salsa and these nacho’s for my lunch the next day (today). So I immediately packed it up. Then I decided to take out a piece of home-made pizza out of the freezer to add to my lunch (Chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers and cheese).

Have you ever been excited to eat your lunch that you’ve prepared for the next day?


I could hardly contain my excitement as I went to our office kitchen to put together my lunch. Thank god no one was around or I would have looked like a fool! (Or a kid in a candy shop).

This is what I ate for lunch today:

Soy Chocolate Milk

Blue Nacho’s with Hummus and Salsa (don’t laugh at my kiddy Tupperware)

Home made Pizza. Delish!

So, even though I have not yet mastered meal planning this week, it’s on my list of things to do. I may just have to be okay with planning the next day’s meal and slowly advance to a few days, then into a whole week!

Do you meal plan each week?

How often do you try new menus ?

Do you get excited about your packed lunch ?

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