Long weekend, Sciatic Nerve Pain and a 5k Run

It’s looking like a nice warm weekend here in Nova Scotia!

Saturday +20C and sunny

Sunday +21C (Bluenose Marathon) and sunny

Monday +20C  and sunny!!!!

Can’t complain about that….nothing but sunshine and I am sure a few freckles to come 🙂

I took off a few weeks of running not too long ago but managed to get a few runs in this week and last week. I have decided that my 5k at the Bluenose Marathon this weekend will not be my weekend for a personal best – under 29:16 … and I am okay with that. I set a goal back in March about which races to run and what distances – you can read more about that here.

I’ve recently (1 week ago) started to have sciatic nerve pain on my right side. Now, the only way I know this, is because I have this pain before. When I had this pain I was pregnant with Lilly – it was excruciating pain on my LEFT side and I would never wish anyone that kind of pain.

Maybe it’s because  I need new runners in the worst way possible. [That’s on my list of things to do this weekend.]

Last Friday, I took a step in a little divit in the ground and all of a sudden I could feel the pain on my right. It comes and goes all week but during today’s lunch run it was in full force. Ah well, what’s a girl to do – I’ve got a race to run…I’ll rest later.

This weekend I’ll be out  running with a friend who’s never run in an event like this before. It’s going to be fun and I hope to learn a few things from Jennifer’s experience. I hope I can keep up with her.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and just spending some time with them. Family BBQ on Sunday evening after my run (my 5k is at 8:10am) is going to be sweet!

I love long weekends. Hope you all have a good one!

Have you run through sciatic pain before? (Any suggestions?)

Anyone running in the Bluenose Marathon this weekend? Or Another race?

If so, GOOD LUCK and have FUN!

(I’ll post a 5k race recap sometime next week….and maybe a guest post from Jennifer too)

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