Motivation Monday #19

Motivation Monday #19 

After running the 5k in the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax yesterday (recap post to come in a few days), I was motivated by my friend Jennifer. She has two children, a son who is 2 years + and a daughter who is 6 months old.

Jennifer started running recently and signed up for the Bluenose 5k.

And she did awesome!

While I was running, I saw many women with strollers (little ones in tow).

I also heard from an old soccer buddy who ran the 10k at 13 weeks pregnant yesterday. This made me very excited; 1 – that she was pregnant and 2 – she was supported by her medical doctors to keep running.

Another friend (who has an almost 2-year-old) ran her first 1/2 marathon at the Bluenose!

I thought a little over the last 24 hours and realised that I have a lot of amazing, motivating and inspiring girl – friends who are runners and mothers.

They make it a point or as I say a priority in their lives to keep active – and run.

I make running (or working out) a priority in my life – for my family, for my husband and for my daughter.

I chose this photo to congratulate all my friends who ran this weekend.

And my friends who ran this weekend, with little one’s in their lives.

Go Mama Go!

Photo found on Google.

Go get active.

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