Stitch on my side

Last night I went out for a little run, as I am participating in the Sole Sister 5k this weekend with a friend.

I did my normal route and within seconds, I had a stitch on my side!

It’s been years since I’ve had a stitch while running or playing soccer etc. I almost didn’t know what to do.

I slowed down my pace…then walked and started running again.

That didn’t help 😦

I’ve been running in my new sneakers for the past few weeks (not many runs) and STILL trying to figure them out. Figure out new sneakers you ask…yeah. I just can’t seem to feel good in them. They are completely different from my old OLD OLD runners.

So, I stopped to re-tie my sneakers. When I got up the stitch was gone.

I thought, sweet….now I can get into a rhytum. It was okay running after that but that darn stitch came back.

So, I walked and I ran. And the best part of my run was coming down the street we live on.

I hate when the best part of my run is the very very end.

But, at least I ran.

Do you run through stitches/pain?

Does it take you a while to get into a good rhythm ?

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