Quick Work Out & Rewards

Looking for a quick workout….here you go:

Source – found on Pinterest.

This is a great workout you can do at  home or at work.

Sure to get your heart rate up and energy flowing.

It only take 4…that’s right FOUR minutes.

Take time for yourself and take time to be active.

How do you reward yourself after working out?

Back in February I started a “workout jar” – you can read more about it here.

Every time I workout, I put a $2 in the jar. It add’s up over time.

I recently just bought new runners AND a matching running outfit with my collection of $2!!!

(Now, the runners were on sale…and so was the tank and shorts set but still – a great reward for months of hard workouts).

And, I usually have a healthy snack (protein) after my workout.

Tell me how you reward yourself after working out….