Up’s & Down’s of Toddlers

Life with a toddler is forever changing, forever fun, forever challenging.

Lilly was a really happy infant and now happy toddler….but she has her moments…as I am sure they all do.


  • An obvious one – the tantrums.
  • More recently – she HATES the bath now. We have no clue as to why, help.
  • Not wanting to eat what’s for lunch/dinner and then having a tantrum.
  • I want now, now, now.
  • My single parent stint (7 months while my husband was away at school).
Would I trade any of this for something else ? Hell No!


  • Teaching her how to properly eat an ice cream cone (on Mother’s Day)
  • Teaching her that it’s okay to walk in the grass without shoes on your feet (last night)
  • Teaching her how to bite grapefruit, oranges and even lemons off the rind.
  • Trying new foods and flavours (lamb samosa’s and pakoras – oh yum)
  • Peeeaass and Sankhou (Please and Thank-You’s)
  • Mommy, I hug you.
  • Tiss Daddy, Tiss.  (Kiss Daddy as he leaves for work)
  • Her attempts at bringing Maclean her food bowl and picking up the food to get her to eat it.
  • She know’s that a banana peal (and other foods) go in the compost not the garbage
  • Seeing her sleep at night and look so content/relaxed.
  • Waking up every morning to this little monster that I still can’t believe is all ours. Every time I see her, I can’t believe how much I love her.

What are some of your Up’s and Down’s with your Toddler?



6 thoughts on “Up’s & Down’s of Toddlers

  1. The biggest ‘down’ for us – the sleeping. Neither of our boys are good sleepers…some nights are SO bad!! Also, busy schedules. I’m not good at it, and I wish we could have someone come in to cook and clean for us so we can just do the fun stuff!

    The ‘ups’ right now are: watching them finally “get it” because you’ve taught them to walk/blow a kiss/share with a friend/say mama/pee in the toilet/pump their legs on a swing etc… And the laughing. Kids are hilarious and laughing at bad knock-knock jokes makes you kinda forget about the bad night you had. Kinda.

  2. My daughter had the same trouble with baths. She really hated them and cried hysterically every time. It probably took a year for her to like them. I hope it doesn’t take that long with yours.

  3. No toddlers for me! But I wanted to let you know I tagged you on my blog for the Lovely Blogger Award. Don’t feel obligated if you don’t want to participate… just my way of saying I like to read your blog.

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  5. Does she like her baths yet? Simon HATES his too. Screams bloody murder when you put him in the tub. I’m getting tired of it. I know Claire went through this phase too, but I can’t remember how long it lasted for!!

    Also, congratulations on your pregnancy. I too was on Diclectin (sp?) for 20 weeks. May you feel better soon!

    • She is now happy in the bath – won’t sit down and they are quick. But no frantic crying anymore. It lasted about 2 weeks and we have no idea what it was.
      It’s hard, eh. My husband had the success – so we let her stand and play with her buckets of water.

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