Happy Father’s Day!

First to my father.

Thank you for being such a great dad.

Thank you for taking me (Laura and Paul) to all of our soccer games, building snow forts with us, sledding down the front lawn in winter and on our make-shift slip and slide in the summer, for opening/closing the pool year after year, family ski trips *oh shit*, for teaching us how to downhill ski, for cleaning up our cuts and bumps, for being patient and teaching us right from wrong. ¬†Thanks for the money here and there – cause we all know parents give their kids money to help them out – it’s much appreciated, thanks for dog sitting Maclean when needed – she LOVES you. Thanks for your guidance¬†and assistance in steering me down this career path that I love, thanks for your handy man skills, even if they are over the phone *clogged toilet at Kelly’s in TO a few year’s back*.

I love you Dad. xoxo

My Dad and Lilly, Summer 2011 (1 years old)


To my husband, Lilly’s (plus one) Dad.

Thank you for being such a great Dad to Lilly.

For getting me through the first 5 days in the hospital with Lilly, your support around our breast feeding challenges, your mad swaddling skills (I hope you remember those, we are going to need them again), diapers changes, shopping for clothing for your little girl, reading books with Lilly, teaching her as many British terms you can, and more recently – teaching her how to ride her balance bike.

My husband, Sai and Lilly. June 2012 (almost 2 years old)

There is no doubt that Lilly loves you. Daddy home?, Tiss Tiss Daddy, her hugs and cuddles in the morning.

She’s head over heals for you….and so I am.

Love you. xoxo

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and my husband….and to all those Dad’s out there.