July 4th, What I Ate Wednesday Fitness

First off, Happy 4th of July to my American family, friends, bloggers and followers. Hope you have a smashin’ day celebrating!

This past weekend was Canada Day (July 1st), so I took Friday as a vacation day and Monday was the stat holiday – 4 day weekends are the best. This meant I had a little more time to plan some meals for the family – that everyone ate!!!! Think picky toddler, vegan husband and pregnant me.

This month on Peas and Crayons it’s What I Ate Wednesday & Fitness – two of my favourite things.

Fitness goals for July:

{keep in mind I will be between 17 – 21 weeks pregnant during the month of July} yikes!

1. Run once/twice a week

2. Fitness DVD once a week (Prenatal, Jillian Michael’s)

3. In home workout from my blog (Killer Kardio, Quick Workout and pregnancy focused workout – posts to come)

I hope to work out 2-4 days per week, if my schedule permits, which it hasn’t lately 😦


What I Ate Wednesday:

(Here are a few of my latest favourites/cravings if you wish)

Salad (spinach, strawberries, blueberries, pear, yellow pepers, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)

(cheese and egg on the left, Vegan on the right)

Top plate: Vegan sausages, roasted veggies with spice rub, mushrooms & onions all BBQ’D.

Farmer’s Market – Olive Bread

Bottom plate: BBQ chicken for me plus roasted veggies with spice rub, mushrooms and onions!

Normally, I hate onions, but this is one way I’ll eat ’em.

And for desert that night:

Vegan Strawberry shortcake!

Another delicious dinner:

Olive oil pasta with roasted veggies (with spice rub again) Vegan.

I also had salmon with this – picture not taken because I ate it that fast 🙂

And a little breakfast:

Love Grown granola, Coconut Greek Yogurt and Fresh Blueberries ! YUM!

That’s “July What I Ate Wednesday & Fitness” for ya!