Things I miss doing (while pregnant)

I’m now just over 17 weeks pregnant and feeling good (as long as I stay on my medication for nausea). Over the last few weeks I’ve been missing a number of things that I can no longer to while pregnant – or should I say – what I am choosing not to do while pregnant.

Here are a few things I miss right now:

  • working out vigorously, 5 days a week
  • having a running goal and race in my future
  • ab work outs (crazy maybe, but I love ab workouts)
  • being able to stay up late not pay for it the next day
  • having to re-adjust my pace at work and home (saying no doesn’t come easy to me)
  • running on warm days (if I don’t get it in early, it’s not going to happen in the heat of the day)
  • playing soccer
Things I am loving right now:
  • weekend mid day naps
  • healthy eating (but still manage a few sweets here and there)
  • the excitement of baby kicks, rolls and punches in my belly
  • Lilly’s going to be a big sister
  • summer time (sun, sandals, summer clothing)
  • anticipation of hitting the beach/ocean/lake
  • relaxing
  • great friends

What things did you miss while pregnant?


When you become pregnant – what things to you think you’ll miss the most?

5 thoughts on “Things I miss doing (while pregnant)

  1. I’m not pregnant, but I had no idea you had to stop running and exercising! I know you’re probably still doing a little, but I’m just curious – what do you workouts consist of now? (I think I’ll like it!)

    • My last run was about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t ruled them out but am having pain after I run – so have stopped for now.
      My workouts have been weak lately – due to my work schedule and managing a 2 year old who doesn’t want to go to bed until 8:30/9pm. I am walking lots, some weight exercises for pregnant women – will share those later this week and a prenatal DVD when I can.

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